Students at Kettle Run Snapping All the Time

Snapchat grows more and more popular

Gavin Zeamer, Feature Editor

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Snapchat is a popular app used to communicate with friends.

This app is characterized by the limited amount of time that photos can be viewed for and the large number of filters that can be applied to the user’s face.

Snapchat was created in 2011 and started as a basic app to share photos for a short duration of time. However, after upgrading the facial recognition and adding several filters, such as a dog, butterfly, and flower crown, the app grew in popularity.

There are more than 100 million Snapchat users with an average of over 2.5 billion snaps a day, a fact blatantly obvious by how widespread it is in Kettle Run.

One of the most popular features of the app is the streak. To keep a “Snap Streak” going, both Snapchatters must send a Snap (not Chat) back and forth to each other within a 24 hour window.

Sophomore Stacy Supreet would like to see more friendly interaction between users of the app, instead of just sending pictures every day.

“I think starting a streak with someone should mean you want to talk with them, and shouldn’t be just sending the word ‘streak’ with your snap,” Supreet said.

Sophomore Alexa Williams uses Snapchat because of the “ease of use”. She also has found that she uses it more than texting.

Sophomore Drew Noland thinks that the app is nice because he believes that the pictures are gone after the ‘timer’ on the app is up.

“I use Snapchat because people can’t save the pictures you send.”

Fellow sophomore Elizabeth Cannizzo also agrees that Snapchat is easy and fun to use. She enjoys using the filters on the app.

“The dog filter is definitely the best,” said Cannizzo.

Sophomore London Vancamp also uses the filters for entertainment.

“My favorite filter would probably have to be the one that makes you look fat,” said Vancamp.

Vancamp prefers SnapChat over other communication apps because you send pictures and it is difficult to save the pictures.

However, students are advised to monitor what they do send on Snapchat because while some believe they disappear, the pictures never truly disappear.

Many forensic experts claim that the ‘deleted’ snapchat photos are stored on your phone and can be easily downloaded.

Especially with the recent updates, the app compiles all of the pictures that a Snapchat user posts to their story in order to play back ‘memories’ at the end of the year.

Thus, the photos may appear to be gone, but they never truly disappear.

While this should be something that is kept in mind while using Snapchat, the app is still a nice way to keep people up to date on what you’re doing.

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Students at Kettle Run Snapping All the Time