Prices at the Pump on the Rise

Drivers have mixed feelings about increase

Gas prices are rising as summer months approach.

Gas prices are rising as summer months approach.

Gas prices are rising as summer months approach.

Sarina Harlow, Sports Editor

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Drivers will have to reach a little deeper into their pockets when it comes to filling their tanks. Gas prices are expected to rise over the summer months. “I think gas prices are rising because of where we have to buy it from,” said junior Savannah Lawrence. “I think they’re rising because the weather is nice and more cars are on the road,” said senior Ryan Mayo. “I think that gas prices rise around summer and spring time because more people are traveling and buying more gas, so it’s more profitable for the gas companies,” said senior Sarah Brown. Experts say that gas prices typically go up in the summer because refineries switch over to summer blend gasoline which costs more to produce. Drivers have mixed feelings about higher prices at the pump.“I think raising the gas prices is good for the gas companies so they can make money,” said junior Abbi Kane. “On the domestic side there is no benefit to raising gas prices because it simply makes people pay more money for a necessity, but on the macro-economic scale, it is very beneficial for the world economy,” said junior Garrett Smith. The good news is that experts don’t expect prices to go up as much as they have in the past. “I don’t think it will affect me too much because inflation is usually a slow process, so it will probably affect me later in life,” said Garrett. “The inflation of gas prices
will affect me because I will have to start buying gas on my own, and I don’t work enough to pay for it,” said Lawrence. “It might be because gas could go up to $3 a gallon like it did last year,” said Mayo. “I think that gas price inflation most definitely affect me since I drive so much.” When it comes to the best gas station in the area, drivers have different opinions. “I usually just use the gas station that is closest to me, most gas stations have similar prices,” said Garrett. “I get gas from Exxon because it is much cheaper than the other gas stations near me,” said Lawrence. “I usually just go to Sheetz,” said Mayo. “I prefer going to Sheetz because I can usually get gas a few cents cheaper than anywhere else, and it’s convenient for where I commute everyday,” said Brown.

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Prices at the Pump on the Rise