Spring Sports Season Looking Promising

Brandon James-LaBranche, Staff Reporter

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    As winter comes to a close we go into spring, we get to look into what coaches have to say about the upcoming season for spring sports.
Boys varsity tennis coach Michael Ryon, boys varsity lacrosse coach Scott Begley, and track jump coach David Noonan area all looking forward to the spring sports season. They have prepared hard and have some of the best players on their teams. The spring sports season officially began on February 20 and the coaches are already working their teams into some of the best in the county.
With much hard work ahead this spring, the Coaches told what they are looking forward to most this season.
“Primarily looking forward to seeing “every” player on the team become a significantly improved tennis player at the end of the season,” said Ryon
“Seeing how much the winter track athletes will be able to improve and see what newcomers we have,” said Noonan
“This season is a new beginning for as we graduated 11 players last May. That was half of our team. So this looks to be a building and teaching season,” said Begley. “We have an evenly balanced yet challenging early season schedule that should prepare us well for the conference schedule”
But the upcoming season isn’t the only thing the coaches are looking forward to. They are looking forward to seeing their players again and they said what they are expecting of and from their athletes to get ready for the season.
“Proactively augmenting their individual aerobic and strength level fitness with the same running, abdominal and upper body routine that we utilized during practices last season. If an upcoming initial tryout player, contacting the coach to see what that routine entails,” said Ryon.
“They should be conditioning at least 5 times a week- doing sprint drills, distance runs and weights,” said Noonan.
“Right now the boys really have to be outside working on their stick skills. With only three tryout days scheduled they don’t have much time to sharpen up. Conditioning (running) is another important step,” said Begley
However, the teams have lost some players do to seniors graduating. The coaches have told what they are looking for in new players.
“As a tryout player has had initial beginner tennis skill training and progressed toward some competitive play. An exception to this profile might be the multi-talented all-around athlete who desires to take up the sport,” said Ryon
“Track athletes need to be disciplined and have the endurance to keep up with practices, and the dedication/will/desire for them to better themselves,” said Noonan
“Most importantly we look for coachable players. They must be good listeners and willing change/adapt to different systems and ways of thinking,” said Begley
But what would a season be without coaches setting goals and hopes for the season. The coaches say what the hope to conquer this season.
“Primary team goal is to progress to States. Second team goal is to win States,” said Ryon
“This season, I’m hoping we will be able to send several athletes to the state competition, as well as have some break school records. I’m hoping that athletes who chose to run track will stick with track so that we can see continuous improvement throughout their high-school career,” said Noonan.
“We have made it to the championship the past two years. That is definitely the plan again this year. We also want to build the community and enjoy the ride,” said Begley
As winter dwindles down and spring starts, the coaches count down the days and the competition for a title soon begins.

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Spring Sports Season Looking Promising