Changing the Tide in College Admissions

Harper Crater, Head Sports Editor

November 8, 2018

As seniors prepare to turn in their college applications they are facing a hard truth: education lacks equity. Affirmative action, defined as any policy which favors those who typically are victims of discrimination, in education...

No Backpacks in Classrooms Policy

Mr. Davidson, Teacher

November 8, 2018

As far as the backpacks go, there are two things about that: this is just my opinion, but you guys look ridiculous walking down the hallways with these huge backpacks stuffed to the point of busting zippers, leaning over at the...

No Backpacks in Classrooms Policy

Grant Pepin, Staff Reporter

November 8, 2018

As a junior, I’ve had some experience with the many ups and downs that high school throws at its students. One of the recent downs is the No Backpack Policy that some teachers have implemented. This is the way teachers control...

The Importance of Students Registering to Vote

Carly Herbert, Editor-in-Chief

November 8, 2018

As of 2016, the millennial voting bloc had surpassed 62 million voting-age citizens, closing in on the Baby Boomer voting bloc that holds steady at 70 million voting age citizens. With mid-term election season upon us, any...

Celebrating Success at State Fair

Jackson Rogers, Assistant Editor

November 7, 2018

  Several clubs headed down to Richmond, VA earlier this month to compete in the state fair.      “The state fair is just like your average county fair, but ten times bigger and ten times as fun,” Stephanie Stats, j...