Beauty and The Beast, a 9/10!

Emma Gray, Staff Reporter

May 2, 2017

     Disney’s latest film just so happens to be a remake of the beloved Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. The new film puts a twist on a tale that is as old as time itself. The film tells the story of a beautiful, young ...

The Snow Hill Quartet

Erin Hogge, Managing Editor

March 20, 2017

A cellist, violist, and two violinists make up the Snow Hill Quartet, a group of talented musicians from Kettle Run and Fauquier High who have impressed the community with their skills playing orchestral music. However, the faces in the quartet may not be familiar to e...

10 Cloverfield Lane, A Must See

Ian Fraser, Staff Reporter

February 1, 2017

A woman packs her bags, leaves a house key and engagement ring behind, and sets out to an unknown destination. While on the way a man named Ben calls her, he begs her to come back, “This isn’t going to solve anything,” h...