Film Analysis Creates Future Film Make

Charlie Niber, Staff Reporter

November 13, 2017

  If you love watching films and would love to learn how to make them, then Film Analysis may be the class for you. In Film Analysis, students learn the history film, the different types of film and how to create and...

Adoption Awareness Month

Chloe Van Camp, Staff Reporter

November 13, 2017

Thousands of children are waiting and ready to be adopted every day. Even in our own communities, children of all ages, ethnicities, and personalities are unfairly being deprived of the wonderful gift of a caring, stable, and...

Senior Class Wins it All

Madison Slevin, Features Editor

November 10, 2017

  Batman, Wonder Woman, Moana, and Belle all flocked to Kettle Run in search of a sweet and safe time to celebrate Halloween. Trunk-or-Treat was held on October 28 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the student parking lot. Different clubs from around the shcool set up fun games an...

There is No Turning Back Now

Nathan Pullen, News Editor

October 15, 2017

The Old Fauquier Jail The old jail served as Fauquier’s detention center for 150 years. During 1962, an average of 18 prisoners were incarcerated per day. The last prisoner was incarcerated almost 43 years ago. In 1925,...

That’s A Wrap, Homecoming 2017

Carly Herbert, Managing Editor

October 15, 2017

Another year, another fun-filled Spirit Week! Each one bigger and better than the year before, the tradition is one celebrated by high schools all over the country. With lots of green and orange (and pink, red, white, and blue)...

From “Troubled Student” to Teacher

Madison Slevin, News Editor

October 13, 2017

Not every student fits perfectly in with the routine of school, and Ryan Wicka was no exception. The 2010 graduate returned to Kettle Run after years away from the very place he despised the most. As a former student, Wicka...

Dancing to a Disney Tune

Emma Gray, Viewpoint Editor

October 13, 2017

     There is a new elective that has students singing and dancing every day of the week.     Musical Theater is the brainchild of Band Director Liz Deavers and former Theatre teacher Lanny Warkentein.     T...

Kettle Run Welcomes A Slew of New Teachers

Emma Gray, Viewpoint Editor

October 3, 2017

Ryan Wicka Math/Special Education teacher Where were you before Kettle Run? Auburn Middle School What are your first impressions of Kettle Run? Kettle Run is a lot busier than I expected. What is something student...

Soaking Up the Sun in Summer ’17

Harper Crater, Managing Editor

October 3, 2017

     Students traveled all over the globe, from the western states of America to the hot expanses of Africa, Kettle Run students made memories in foreign tongues and cultures.     Junior Sara Hume, junior Cosette Cusson, senior...

Stunning Display in the Sky

Erin Hogge, Editor-In-Chief

October 3, 2017

     The dismissal bell rang, but no one left.     On Monday, Aug. 21, Fauquier County Public Schools held students 15 minutes later than normal after school to keep them safe from viewing the solar eclipse without protective eyewea...