Say Hello to Students from Abroad

Madison Slevin, Features Editor

October 13, 2017

By flying away from the ordinary sequence of Warrenton life, students expose themselves to new worlds, but give back by allowing others to experience the life in Northern Virginia. The US is home to the largest number of foreign...

Don’t Egg-nore The Most Important Meal of the Day

Nathan Pullen, News Editor

October 3, 2017

     Breakfast; the most important meal of the day. The whole month of September has been dedicated to promoting better breakfast throughout the United States. Does Kettle Run’s start time take into account its students...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Emma Gray, Viewpoint Editor

October 2, 2017


Using Twitter to Make Big Choices

Harper Crater, Lifestyle Editor

March 31, 2017

                        Since Twitter has come out with the polls feature, teens have been using Twitter polls to gather input from th...

The Disadvantages of Being a Travel Student

Harper Crater, Lifestyle Editor

February 24, 2017

           Students who travel in the mornings have trouble getting to Kettle Run in the allotted time from their travel schools.      Travel students miss the first part of their third block at Kettle Run, for most...

Need For Sleep: The Exhaustion Epidemic

Carly Herbert, News Editor

February 24, 2017

    The next time you click “keep watching” on Netflix instead of going to sleep, you may want to reconsider the effects it will have on you in class the next morning.     Many high school students are not receiving the amount of ...

Athletes Struggle to Balance it All

Cuyler McCorkindale, Editor

September 20, 2016

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Every serious athlete has had to make sacrifices. At Kettle Run, the story is no different. Throughout their careers, athletes sacrifice social time and school time in order to pursue athletic excellence. Why? Becau...

Are Cellphones Destroying Society?

Cuyler McCorkindale, Editor

September 20, 2016

What makes humans more social but at the same time, diminishes social skills? A cellphone. Students and teachers have different perspectives on being social. Students, from this younger, Internet generation generally use cellphones to be...