Beauty and The Beast, a 9/10!

An old classic gets a makeover for modern audiences

Emma Gray, Staff Reporter

     Disney’s latest film just so happens to be a remake of the beloved Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. The new film puts a twist on a tale that is as old as time itself.
The film tells the story of a beautiful, young woman who falls in love with an unlikely companion. Director Bill Condon wanted to give the fan favorite a new twist. When British actress, Emma Watson, was announced as the role of Belle in the film, most of the target audience was excited, to say the least.
Controversy surrounded the movie just days before it was scheduled to open in theaters worldwide. Condon revealed in a Los Angeles Times interview that the supporting character, LeFou, is perceived to be homosexual. With the sudden controversy exposing the character’s background, many people suspected that it would affect ticket sales in other countries, however, the case isn’t so.
The ticket sales went through the roof. With the opening weekend premier, the box office sales tallied over $916 million dollars worldwide, making Beauty and the Beast one of the highest grossing movies this year. The moral of this beloved fairy tale is to never judge a book by it’s cover and that true beauty lies on the inside and should not be based on the appearance on the outside. It is a message directed to the younger audience but also serve as a reminder to older viewers.
Although, the movie is typically meant for younger viewers, it was touted as a movie for all ages. The scene that was adored most by the viewers was the scene where Belle gets dressed in her classic yellow ball gown. It became a crowd favorite when the graphics showed the minuscule, yet beautiful designs made of the gold leaf from the
chandelier. An absolutely spectacular scene is the opening village sequence, with all the townspeople singing the opening track, “Belle,” which describes Belle’s hometown. The scene is just amazing, all of the colorful outfits of the townspeople are so stunning, the whole scene gives the feel of a small French village.
Another incredible scene executed beautifully by Condon, was one the oh-so-famous “Be Our Guest” scene and musical number. The graphics of this scene really put into play for the incredible work that the production team did. It does such justice in the beloved scene from the original. It is the scene that really brings the film to life; it gives the viewer a sense of actually being in the dining room alongside Belle.
In all honesty, this movie was just so pleasing to the see the massive incorporation of the early Rococo French aesthetic. There really was no scene that stood out that wasn’t enjoyable. The movie itself gets a 9 out of 10.