Former senior is creating big achievements

Emma Gray, Staff Reporter

     As a former student of the 2017 class, Connor Burnett moved into another form of schooling in order to finish off the school year. After his departure from Kettle Run, he put aside more time for his music, while also managing his school work. In early 2017, Burnett was announced as the SoundCloud Music Spotlight Artist of January. Burnett said he doesn’t prefer using SoundCloud when it comes down to releasing music. “It is full of so many artists, that the good ones get drowned out,” said Burnett.  

    His music on SoundCloud is worth a listen, every song that he has ever released, is arguably different from the last. The listener can hear that he has produced every song with a piece of his soul attached. The listener can hear how much heart he has placed in all of his music. Song after song, word after word, it shows the necessary passion needed to create and produce music.  

    Burnett considers his biggest music achievement to be his ability to help others by creating music his audience can relate to. “I find myself being able to self medicate by making a song about something that’s causing me to feel a certain way so I find it great that I can help other people out with my music as well” said Burnett. “I also just got done shooting my first music videos in Toronto. I co-produced them with the help of Jaden Smith as well so I thought that was pretty sweet.”

    Burnett recently put out his debut album, High School to Home-Sick, on April 12th of this year.   Burnett, in the past, has released several songs on his SoundCloud account (Conrad II), such as “The Girl In Navy”, “Bedtime Stories”, “Umbrella” and most recently his newest single “I Found A Girl In The Crystal City”.

    The overall theme of his music is heartbreak in high school. Burnett said he created the name of the album due to him leaving school and getting judged for his choices to continue schooling somewhere else. “I named it High-School to Home-Sick because when I left high school to do homeschooling, everyone started treating me differently and judging me and [even] making fun of me,” said Burnett. “I [started] feeling like I was home sick, even though I was at home.”

    Personal favorites of the album are “MSFTS Message” and “In Front Of You”.  “MSFTS Message” is a song for kids who feel like they don’t fit in and says someone has your back, even when it seems like the world is against you. “In Front Of You”, is about a girl that sees through the facade of another, no matter what they say. It is for those who seem invisible to people within their lives.  

    The entire album deserves a solid nine out of ten, because Burnett shows such emotion with his songs, and showcases his abilities within every note. Burnett is proving his art is not to be messed with, and that he is not backing down from the plans he has for his future.