Streaming Causes Cable Struggles

The battle for viewership from families and teenagers

Gavin Zeamer
Streaming has been able to compete on even footing
with cable companies in recent years.

Netflix and similar streaming services have grown popular and widespread in recent years, finally offering the much wanted rival to cable companies and providing another option for people with solid internet access. Each of the different methods of getting television programming has its pros and cons: Netflix can be watched on multiple devices, all of its programs can be watched at any time, and it’s got low monthly costs. However, it’s also reliant on internet connection, and a faulty one can ruin the experience.

Cable offers a massive variety of channels at all times, but it’s kept on a strict schedule and often costs far more than all popular streaming platforms. Unlike streaming, it’s not reliant on internet access, and cable can be watched freely as long as you have power. When asked for his preference, Zachary Myers, senior, said that he preferred Netflix and streaming over cable, and elaborated on why and what his favorite show to stream is.

“I think streaming is superior because you can watch what you want, when you want to,” Myers said. “I like watching Z Nation.”

Leith Benalil, junior, has access to both streaming and cable services, and yet he prefers cable. “I think cable is better,” Benali said. “It’s because I can watch my favorite show, Ben 10, on cable, but it isn’t available on Netflix.”

Hannah Underwood, junior, can only watch Netflix, but overall, she doesn’t believe it to be superior to cable in any way. “I don’t think streaming is better because if you have a bad connection, the show or movie will stutter a lot, or it’ll look super bad and stop a lot. If you have cable, then it’s a steady connection to the show, and it’s always in a good quality.”

Blake Wilcox, junior, has a lot to say about cable and streaming.

“There’s definitely pros and cons to both of them,” Wilcox said. “Streaming needs a good internet connection, but you can watch it on any device and whichever shows you want, while cable is often more stable and reliable. Overall, I prefer Netflix merely due to the original content that isn’t available on cable.”

Overall, opinion on one of the service options being superior to the other is divided and varied due to the qualifiers and differences of peoples’ lifestyles and internet connection, along with the obvious problem of different interest in different shows.

However, in recent years, Netflix has been growing, and cable companies have been losing business. It’s believed to be due to a mix of an increase in areas with good internet connections and a growing number of original programming on Netflix and other streaming services.

Student opinion remains mixed and it’s clear that while Netflix has expanded into a media empire, cable television doesn’t have one foot in the coffin, and will still remain an important part in the lives and homes of people all over America, sucking away hour after hour of the day for years to come