And the Oscar Goes to. . .

Movie buffs share their thoughts on this year’s winners

Hollywood’s most touted awards event has returned and the results have reached the Kettle Run populous. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences looks to make more history upon its 90 year anniversary by utilizing its unique platform to make a number of surprising nominations and winners.

Junior Julia Rocca watched the ceremony with her brother, and was quite surprised with some of the nominations.

“[The] most surprising nomination for me was Willem Dafoe for supporting actor,” said Rocca. “I felt that his performance was basic and nothing extraordinary, and some other actors deserved that nomination.”

Rocca did agree with a few of the Academy selections.

“My favorite winner was Frances McDormand, and Call Me By Your Name was my favorite winning movie. My favorite thing about the Oscars this year was how Jimmy Kimmel took a group of actors into a movie theater nearby and the movie montages they played during the show.”

Senior Elizabeth Nefferdorf uses the Oscars to “broaden her horizons” and watch films she has not seen yet, but she found this year’s ceremony to feature films she didn’t expect to see get nominated at all.

“A pleasant surprise was the nomination for Logan for Best Adapted Screenplay,” said Nefferdorf. “Most superhero movies are completely disregarded by the Academy, but it was nice to see the writing appreciated for this genre.”

Nefferdorf kept up with the event through the television broadcast and twitter reactions.

“My favorite winner was definitely Allison Janney who took Best Supporting Actress,” Nefferdorf said. “She was an underdog in the category since she’s known for TV and comedy roles, and this was her first Oscar nomination. I was happy to see her recognized for her dramatic ability.”

Nefferdorf’s favorite winning movie was Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri because of the acting and the story.

“My favorite thing about this year’s Oscars were the flashbacks and tributes to previous winners. Some of my favorite actors, like Robin Williams, were brought back into the film conversation because of it.”

Junior Gwyn Newcomb hosted an Oscar party for her friends. Close to a dozen girls showed up to her house to watch the show.

“[The] most surprising nomination had to be the number of times The Shape of Water was actually nominated,” Newcomb said. “I was not the biggest fan of the film. The most surprising win for me was when A Fantastic Woman won for best foreign film. It was the first time a trans member of the LGBT community was a lead in a film and won in that category. It was cool to see that make history.”

Newcomb believed that a highlight of this year’s awards was the progress in representation for “minorities” and “different communities”.

“My favorite winner of the night was Frances McDormand, who won best actress for her role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri,” Newcomb said. “I was proud to see her win. I think my favorite overall film to be nominated was Lady Bird. Unfortunately, it did not win for best picture like I was hoping it would.”