Fortnite Fad Fuels Friendly Feuds

A new kind of “battle royale” game is now the hottest thing in school

Fortnite, a video game created by Epic Games, has increased in popularity across all gaming platforms and even in mainstream media.

Fortnite was initially released in July of 2017, but didn’t peak in popularity until later in the year. The game has generated a lot of attention all over social media, especially Twitter, with some posts about the game gaining up to thousands of likes and shares.

The game has two gamemodes, but the Hunger Games-style, “battle royale” game-mode is what most players prefer. Each game includes 100 players in a large, open-world arena where the objective is to be the last one standing. Many students are now obsessed with Fortnite, with talk about the game being heard throughout the hallways every day.

Sophomore Sebastian Falsone said, “I play around four to five hours of Fortnite a day.”

For professional players, five hours a day isn’t enough. Most professional ESports athletes play their game at least six to seven hours a day. But while some kids are absolutely addicted to the game, others aren’t all about the grind.

“I only play between one to two hours a day,” sophomore Alex Park said.

Diving deeper into the gameplay of Fortnite, the game is very similar to the Battle Royale and Hunger Games movies. The arena is an island filled with many iconic locations with alliterative names (ex: Salty Springs, Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove). Players often go where the most loot is located, but those locations are often dangerous and actionpacked.

“I usually drop at the soccer fields (Pleasant Park),” junior Noah Feno said.

Pleasant Park is an averagely populated area, but it’s also a safe bet if you’re really trying to win.

Sophomore Quinn Conway says, “I only drop at Tilted Towers.”

Tilted Towers is often extremely crowded during most games, but provides tons of loot and plenty of “ChugJugs” (a drink in the game that replenishes all health and shield instantly). Tilted Towers gives very verticalbased gameplay, as you can probably infer from the name, and is a fan favorite for many players. Now every game that has become popular has had its honeymoon phase, but after a while, plenty of games’ relevancy have faded and people tend to leave them in the past.

Although Fortnite is experiencing a higher level of fame than most other games, it’s still very possible that the game could get stale to the community.

“I think it’ll stay popular until next year since they keep adding things to the game” Falsone said.

The developers are constantly updating the game to keep it fresh for the playerbase. They’re hard at work and release new patches almost every week so the spirit of the game continues to thrive. Most recently, they released Fortnite on mobile. Epic Games started sending out invites for the new mobile and tablet version of the game last week. However, the mobile version is only available for iOS users. Android invites won’t go out for a few more months.

“It will go on forever for eternity,” Conway said.