‘Secret in the Wings’ Coming Soon

First play of the season to hit the stage in November

Courtney Davis, Staff Reporter

      If you’re not into “happily ever after,” then this year’s fall theater production may be the show for you.

   The theater department will perform Mary Zimmerman’s “Secret in the Wings,” Nov. 15-17.

    The play follows the story of a young girl, Heidi, who was left in the care of her neighbor, Mr. Fitzpatrick, while her parents go out. To pass the time, Mr. Fitzpatrick reads Heidi fairy tales; however, these aren’t your normal fairy tales, these fairy tales spring to life. And Mr. Fitzpatrick, well, he isn’t your normal neighbor, he’s an ogre.

     Jessica Dotson, theater director, selected this play because she felt it reflected teamwork, collaboration and imagination.

   “‘Secret in the Wings’ is full of all of those elements and it explores the genre of bedtime stories and fairy tales from the perspective of childhood dreams,” Dotson said. “Each scene of the play is its own standalone story with interludes from the narrator, Mr. Fitzpatrick, who connects all the pieces together.”

    Since this is her first year at Kettle Run, Dotson wanted to select a play that reflected what she teaches in the classroom. “This play also reflects my professional career in the arts and allows me to visually show my new community what they can expect in the future,” Dotson said.

     Sophomore Chloe Van Camp plays Heidi.  

     “My character is a young girl who has the pleasure of experiencing each of those characters in the form of being stories being told to her,” Van Camp said. “She even gets to play a role in some of stories too. This role is a little challenging because I get to play a character playing a character.”

   Although Dotson directs the frame of the story, seniors Jack Tessier and Hannah Pelletier direct two of the tales within that frame.

Tessier directs “The Three Blind Queens,” which tells the story of three queens who escape the clutches of a power hungry nursemaid.

    Tessier explained that although his job is rewarding, it can also be challenging.

“I have to figure out what’s the appeal of the scene, and how to connect to the audience to make it visually attractive,” Tessier said.

   Pelletier directs “Allerleira,” the story of a young girl who runs away from home and is taken in by a king.”

  “Directing is the most rewarding and challenging thing I’ve done,” Pelletier said. “We don’t have a ton of rehearsal time, and it’s really hard to fit everything in.”

  Pelletier is confident this will be one of their best plays yet and she wants everyone to come out and see it.

“It’s a really good show and very different from anything we’ve done before,” Pelletier said. “Everyone can find something they enjoy in this play.”

   Tessier added, “It’s the first really good play we’ve had in a long time. We have a stellar cast, and the show is really unique and fun.”

The show will take place Nov. 15-17 in the auditorium. Tickets can be purchases at the door. It’s $5 for students and faculty and $7 for adults.