2019s Most Anticipated Entertainment

This year is expected to exceed the limits in the cinemas and albums

Charlie Niber, Head Sports Editor

With a new year upon us, that means there will be new entertainment platforms for viewers to watch and/or listen to.

Last year we had some stellar films such as “The Black Panther” and the all so famous “Bird Box.” This year students get another chance to watch another year of TV, blockbuster movies, and listen to all the new albums dropping.

In the upcoming year, there are a few stand out films releasing such as the new Lion King movie which is being acted as a live film. The movie definitely won’t be the only move that will be getting all the focus as a new Star Wars movie will be coming out in December.

When it comes to music, it will be very interesting what artist leads the billboard charts. The Weekend is dropping a new album called “Chapter 6” later in the year but a set date is still undecided. In the summer, the all so famous, Florida Georgia Line band will be releasing a new album named, “Can’t say I ain’t Country.”

The high school population will for sure draw plenty of eyes to the theatre to watch the upcoming movies, some students have already been planning to go see the movies because of how anticipated they’ve been.

“I look forward to seeing US,” senior Gwyn Newcomb said. “It is Jordan Peele’s second directorial piece, but not an add on to Get Out. The mind of Jordan Peele has the ability the make people leave with a message they didn’t know they needed to hear, and I can’t wait to hopefully experience that again.”

The movie, “US” is a mystery/thriller film that sounds to be very interesting and worth the ticket. The new year will bring us plenty of classics this year that are bound to break out and get viewers attention.

The wait is over for the final installment for the Avengers movies, making lots of students excited and scared for the thrilling conclusion. After last year’s “Infinity Wars,” everyone is ready to watch the ending of a long waited movie.

“I’m really excited for Avengers: Endgame,” junior Caroline Babish said. “Mostly because it is going to answer so many questions from the last Avengers movie.”

New artists are beginning to get their names on the hot 100’s which brings a good variety to listeners and consumers. The rap genre has drawn the most attention to the high school ears and they most definitely won’t be let down on February 22 when Lil Pump promised, on Instagram, that his highly requested “Harvard Dropout” will be released. If you aren’t into rap or maybe just feeling like some country or pop music, Ariana Grande dropped her album “thank u, next” on the 8th of February. There are also quite a bit of new country singers releasing their albums and going on tour, the most famous being Brad Paisley, Carly Pearce, and Thomas Rhett.

“I am really looking forward to the new Billie Eilish album that will be coming out soon,” junior Caitlin Nibecker said. “As an artist, she produces music on things that so many people can and do relate to and she has a genuinely amazing talent.

From movies seen as kids to being reenacted years later, 2019 has a lot in store and the Kettle Run student body should not be disappointed.