Status of the Kettle Run Theatre Program in 2021

Ella Barnaby, Staff Writer

Kettle Run puts on fantastic and memorable productions every year, from the one-act to the winter show to the spring musical. But last year changed a lot of small high school productions and the process of them. The question arises: what will be different now, and how is it affecting our cast and crew in 2021?
Well, one main problem was the audience hearing the actor’s lines. Though they are extremely important during these times, masks block faces, muffling sounds and making it impossible to read lips. Luckily, the solution of clear masks was found, and after seeing the production and performance of our one-act, they seem to fix the problem.
Another issue was a fairly inexperienced Tech Crew. Due to training being drastically reduced last year and the year before, the crew had a difficult time navigating the light and sound systems. But again, solutions were found. The group worked very hard, and soon got the hang of the system. The show went on smoothly.
In conclusion, though production was a bumpy ride at first, the One-Act was a success due to a lot of dedication and patience from our amazing cast and crew. Kettle Run’s Softsoap production will be much easier and I’m sure we can all look forward to the results.