‘One Piece’ Manga Shocks the World with Incredible Reveals in Latest Chapter

Don Brown, Staff Writer

The story known as One Piece which is the world’s largest manga with the most copies sold written by Eiichiro Oda has just taken a complete turn in its latest chapter 1044 which changes the entire story. The story of a wacky rubber pirate going on fun adventures with his friends turned out to be nothing more than a young man slowly and surely awakening the most absurd and powerful thing feared by the world’s government and everyone who opposed this young rubber boy. This chapter not only affected the story itself, it was all over the internet flooding anime and manga communities as the biggest plot twist in manga history.
The pirate at fault for this in the story of One Piece is the main character Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy ate a devil fruit at a very young age that was known as the Gum-Gum no mi; aka the Gum-Gum fruit. It could change anyone’s body who ate the fruit into rubber. Throughout 1,043 chapters and many decades, the true ability of this fruit was announced leaving the audience and world in disbelief. With this turn of events, the entire story can be looked at differently from now on, and with a humongous fan base, there can either be many people who love this change or hate it. Either feel like their childhood has been brought to life in a new way or felt like they have been lied to for over decades. Regardless of how these fans may feel, this event opens up many new theories and possibilities for the story can go to. With such a large story not just in length but the content inside of it, the already many theories are now going to only multiply by the hundreds with the community going wild. This seemingly small change will be talked about for years to come and will engrave itself into the world of manga as one of the greatest plot twists ever. Not simply because it was unknown and changes the story up to new heights, but because the possible most important thing in the story has been hidden in plain sight right in front of the audience for decades without even being thought about as anything past a goofy fruit with goofy abilities that doesn’t compare to the best when now we know that it is the best of the best.
Throughout the story, Luffy’s goal was to become the pirate king which could only be done by being the world’s strongest pirate in many ways than just strength. What can help this goal be even more achievable is having an incredible ability nobody else can have and when your only ability is being a rubber man, it can be hard to be the best against people who are either light or darkness itself. Now with the rubber boy being transformed into something much greater, his goal is just that much closer to where the seemingly endless story doesn’t seem to have much longer to go. This fruit not only gave this story so much more possibilities but also made this story have the ability to end whenever it feels the need to. It could end within days or continue for years. Eiichiro Oda truly is the greatest Mangaka of all time and this small event confirms this.