That’s A Wrap, Homecoming 2017

Another year of successful homecoming celebrations

Another year, another fun-filled Spirit Week! Each one bigger and better than the year before, the tradition is one celebrated by high schools all over the country. With lots of green and orange (and pink, red, white, and blue) floating around hallways and in classrooms, students managed to hype up the cougar identity in preparation for the pep rally, football game, homecoming parade, and the dance.

Now, as Homecoming festivities die down, students reflect on their favorite part of the celebrations for spirit week and participants share how they believe it helps build a sense of school pride.

Whether it be the dress-up days, the pep rally, the football game, or the new edition of the homecoming parade nearly all students have a favorite part of the week leading up to the  homecoming dance.

Sophomore Trevor Berg shared that his favorite day of the week was USA Monday, while freshman Lauren Chisarik disagreed saying that Pink Out was the best theme.

“I thought the days this year were really fun and that everyone could participate and go all out,” said junior, Jillian Bennett.

“My favorite part of spirit week was spirit day, it was full of straight dubs,” said senior Andrew Pickett.

With multiple chances for the students body to express their school spirit, the emphasis on the school pride helped build up support for the football team in anticipation of its big game the night before the dance.

This year the team took on Handley High School and was able to greet them proudly, at the time holding a 4-0 record and making a new or themselves in Kettle Run Football history. After winning that game 31-6, the team is now reaching for the chance to win some playoff games maintaining its 6-2 record.

Of course, over the years themes for the week and other celebrations have changed a lot. This year SCA sponsored a new tradition; the homecoming parade.

SCA Executive Council President Sara Massei explained how the club came up with the idea of a homecoming parade.

“This year we decided to change things up,”said Massei. “Bo [Pittman] and I came up with the idea last spring when we were talking about this year – the idea was to create a new tradition or start a new legacy. It was a lot of work, and I think it was very successful. The parade itself was great and I hope that, since we have already done the groundwork, it will be something that Kettle Run continues and improves in the years to come.”

In regards to how they get clubs and students involved, Massei gave an insight into the process.

“Basically, we just started the process really early,” said Massei. “SCA is a huge organization, so everything we do is really a group effort. We go through the usual process and try and add on a little something cool every year.”

Finally, the pep rally took off fourth block that Friday with Senior Rutger Scott leading his classmates into the gym.

As it is every year since the school opened, the Spirit Stick is awarded to the class that promotes the most school spirit during the pep rally. Although all classes gave it their all, this years winners were the senior class, continuing the 10 year win streak.