New Dungeons and Dragons Club

Take on different character roles in this fantasy game

Have you ever wanted to participate in an adventure of magic, mystery and warfare? Then Dungeons and Dragons Club may be the club for you.

Dungeons and Dragons was a popular game in the ‘80s that made a comeback through hit shows like Stranger Things.

Senior Nick O’Connor decided to start the club after his marching band season ended.

“My favorite part of [Dungeons and Dragons is how it] is more than just a game,” O’Connor said. “It’s a way to practice teamwork and creativity in the context of making a story.”

The game consists of the creation of characters in a fantasy setting where choice and camaraderie are more important than swift action. The club held its first meeting on Jan. 29.

“The first day of club, I honestly only expected around five people to show up and go from that,” O’Connor said. “I was amazed when I came back from the bathroom to find at least 25 people ready to play!”

O’Connor led the group of students during the first club meeting, laying the groundwork for future campaigns by building characters through the renowned D&D Character Sheet.

Senior Alex LaFleur attended the first meeting.

“The first day was a blast,” LaFleur said. “We got to create our characters, and [O’Connor] did a great job of explaining the background of the game. I ended up creating a human monk that went by the name of Hugh.”

History teacher Michelle Cooper is the club sponsor. Though not well-versed in the rules of the game, Cooper intends to embark on that same mission.

“It sounded like a fun game, even though I have never played,” Cooper said. “I thought it would be nice to have a place for students to gather to play a game that encourages creativity and problem solving.”

Cooper is a sponsor for the club while O’Connor is charged with teaching new students how to play the game. The young man stresses the difficulty of playing the game without proper instruction, but he would gladly translate the game to an inexperienced mind.

“If you’re interested in the club, bring your friends,” O’Connor said. “However, since club has been in session for a bit, we already have some solid groups set up, and making additions to each is at the Dungeon Master’s, the person who runs the campaigns, discretion.”

“It takes some time to get used to,” LaFleur said. “But once you do, it’s a blast. You can do anything and be anything, kind of like Roblox. I’m pretty excited to continue [my club attendance].”

LaFleur represents much of the community in the assessment of the game’s learning curve and also in the excitement that precedes his next campaign.

“Anyone who wants to play a game that allows a relaxed and fun exploration of an altered reality should stop by,” Cooper said. “I spent most of my high school years with my nose in a book escaping into another world. I sponsored the club because I wish that my high school had had a club like this. This club allows like-minded people an opportunity to not only play a pretty awesome game, but hopefully form friendships. I really do hope that I learn to play the game.”