New Club Promotes Student Activism

The PAC Club gives students a platform to use theier voices

Ever wanted a chance to get into intellectual debates about pressing political topics? You’re in luck!

The Politically Active Citizens, PAC, is a new club that is “dedicated to promoting political activity in the youth.” Senior Student Government President, Sara Massei started the club to promote students to become politically active in the community through rallies, protests, debates, and more.

“I was motivated to start the club because, after the walkout, I saw how many students would become politically active given the opportunity to do so,” Massei said.

Government teacher Michael Maddox will sponsor the new club.

“I was approached recently by Sara Massei about sponsoring a club that would facilitate politically active high schoolers on a non-partisan basis,” Maddox explained. “As a self-acknowledged political junkie, I was thrilled to support such a cause. I strongly encourage my government students, and all young people, to become active politically, not in pursuit of any particular political cause or agenda but in support of whatever issues may be salient to them.”

Massei thinks it’s important for students to start being politically active now.

“We’re forced into the real world right after high school, and we have the power to vote,” Massei said. “By getting involved and participating in politics, students get a taste of the real world and are better prepared for it. It’s so important to understand all sides of an argument and focus on finding a solution rather than just defending your pride because solutions come from understanding.”

Students from all political parties are encouraged to join for the opportunity to voice their opinions and hear the opinions of others.

“I know what I believe and where I stand politically, but I think it’s always good to expose yourself to differing viewpoints to become more open minded in the face of opposition, that’s why I joined the club” junior Harper Crater said.

“I joined PAC because I think it’s really important for students to become involved in politics and it seems our generation is becoming increasingly uninvolved,” junior Grant Colgan said.

“I joined PAC because I thought it would be an interesting club to be a part of,” junior Madison Slevin said. “It’s so new to Kettle Run that I also wanted to help shape it. I think that if young students want to be politically active, they should have a platform to be able to do so.”

This is important to a lot of the current members for that the club stay nonpartisan.

“The current political climate is extremely polarizing and everyone surrounds themselves in an echo chamber of their own ideas,” Colgan said. “Everyone needs to work on exposing themselves to opposing ideas and understanding other points of view.”

Crater thinks it’s important for people from all political persuasions to join.

“It’s important to represent all views, but more than that, defining ourselves by political affiliations does more to divide us than it does to unite us, and if we continue with that trend there’s a possibility nothing will ever change,” Crater said.

The club has only had one meeting, but students are excited to see the opportunity for it to grow in popularity. The current members know what they want to see for the club in the future.

“I want to see more unity and understanding between the two parties,” junior Logan Morris said. “I want students to want to share their views. It makes you more aware of what you’re voting for in future elections.”

Since Massei is graduating this year, she plans on passing the club along to other politically passionate students.

“I’m leaving the club to two juniors who I’ve worked with for years and trust greatly, Madison Slevin and Grant Colgan,” Massei said. “I have no doubt that they will help the club prosper; they’re some of the most determined people I know.”

“By helping to organize opportunities to participate in political events, we can provide access for students at large, irrespective of whether they are club members,” Maddox said. “We intend to rely on social media to spread the word, and the hope would be that by getting the ball rolling now, we can develop club membership for 2018- 19.”

For those interested in participating, Massei has a message. “To anyone considering joining, I strongly encourage you to do so! I have no doubt that the club will grow”