Reflecting on Cougar Careers

Seniors reminisce about their best high school careers

From all-nighters and early mornings, to crazy football games and comeback seasons, the class of 2018 has had a wild four years at Kettle Run.

As their senior year winds to a close, graduates reflect on their best memories of the past four years.

For some, school events have been the route to their best memories.

The student section participation was at an all-time high during the 2017 football season, making it easy for seniors to enjoy themselves.

“[My best memory is] probably all of the high school football games,” senior Grace Pohlmann said. “It’s really fun going and supporting the football team at home and away games and participating in the themes.”

“My favorite high school memory is going to football games as a senior,” senior Caitlin Roy said. “It was so much fun to tailgate and cheer on our team!”

Every year the school sponsors a trip abroad, and Mrs. Cooper’s London trip made the cut for a favorite memory.

“My favorite memory from high school definitely was going to Europe over the summer on one of Cooper’s organized trips with Katie Martins and Emma Schirmer,” senior Annika Vargas said.

Breakout star of the 2017 Talent Show, Nornyerem Douglas, was a crowd favorite.

“School talent show because for a few minutes I became the super star when I sang Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’,” said Douglas. “Jarett Little was with me on the night of the parents’ showing of the talent show.”

Starting a new tradition, the class of 2019 made it possible for prom to be held off campus a the Vint Hill Inn.

“Going to prom and playing soccer with my best friends,” senior Caitlyn Maloney said. “We can just all talk about everything and support each other on and off the field.”

“My favorite high school memory would be going to the Vint Hill Inn for prom and having fun with all my friends,” senior Julia Robertson said.

For senior Cameryn-Rachele Bosko, the stage was a defining part of her high school career.

“My favorite high school memory is when I auditioned for the spring musical called ‘Children of Eden’ my freshman year,” Bosko said. “It was the show that started my love for theatre and where I got to meet so many people, including my closest friends.”

Though the weather was less than desirable, seniors made the most out of their ski trip.

“I had an amazing time on the senior ski trip,” senior Timmy Ryan said. “The weather was bad and the snow was sloshy but good friends and shredding the black diamonds made for good memories.”

For two-time participant of the annual junior vs. senior girls football game, Gracie Crater, Powder Puff has been instrumental in forming her best memories.

“The Powder Puff game for sure is my best memory,” Crater said. “We beat the juniors fair and square and I tackled my sister.”

For others Cougar athletics have paved the way for their best memories.

“It’s hard to pick just one favorite memory when I have had so many,” senior Lyndsey Fisher said. “When I look back on all my memories, a lot of them come from soccer and the team I have been apart of for four years. I’ve made close friends and a lot of memories with the past seniors and current students.”

The boys’ varsity soccer team’s state win earned its place in the favorite memory category too.

“[My favorite memory is] winning states last year,” senior Justin Magill said. “It was a long road, and it felt great being able to win it again with my fellow teammates.”

Senior Andy Whitted stumbled upon his favorite memory in the pool.

“My favorite high school memory was at swim conferences when I was against this guy, who was seeded a second and a half faster than me, and everyone thought I wouldn’t win. Then I turned it around and beat him by a whole second,” Whitted said. “I got first for the whole thing.”

Other athletes found their best times within their team. “Making the varsity lacrosse team as a freshman with Katie MacMahon, Kristin Delclos, and Ellie Sekelsky,” senior Mary O’Toole said. “It’s my favorite memory because it was the beginning of an awesome four years that I’ll remember forever.”

The 2017 win against rival Liberty High School was one of the many highlights of the football season.

“[My favorite memory was] when we came back from a 19 deficit against Liberty because it was a defining moment about where we as seniors turned the program and how hard we worked,” senior Jarrett Little said.
And some memories made during high school will stick with the class of 2018 forever.

“My favorite high school memory was going to see the boys varsity soccer team at states,” senior Maura Kate O’Hara said. “It was a really emotional, proud moment that I will never forget — and one of my favorite memories not just for high school but for life.”

While many memories were made within the realm of Kettle Run, students find importance in the relationships they’ve developed along their journey to graduation.

“Going up to Whitetail with the boys,” senior Mason Baughn said. “Lots of things happened…the gnar was shredded and the powder was fresh. Additionally, no one broke a bone, which is always good I guess! 11/10 would ‘send it’ again!”

For senior Amanda Dooly, the best memories are centered around the people in them.

“When we beat Fauquier High School for football,” Dooly said. “It was the start of when Michael and I became friends, followed by him asking me out on our first date. And the rest is history!”

For the class of 2018, experiences were authentic and long lasting. As for the rest of the classes to come through Kettle Run’s doors, they can expect a fulfilled high school career.