Art Honor Society in the Community

NAHS members are using their talents daily


Faith Schaefer, Assistant Editor

Members of National Art Honor Society put their talents to good use during the month of October.
The group was hired to do make up for people waiting in line at Haunted Hollow. Chloe Johnson, junior, brought the opportunity to the group.
“Chloe works at Haunted Hollow which is run by Patty Leonard, a family friend of hers,” Tisha Burke, NAHS sponsor, said. “She allowed them to paint faces while people waited in line, and the tips were donated to NAHS. She will also be sending a donation check for the hours that students worked.”
Although it was a lot of work, members say it was an experience they will never forget.
“I was so excited to be working for Haunted Hollow,” junior Ryan Roeber said. “It has been something that I have wanted to do ever since I was little.”
Roeber enjoyed getting to design the makeup and coming up with the scary designs.
“I’ve always loved doing special effects makeup, and the chance to do it as a job is still something that is a little mind-blowing,” Roeber said. “It was the highlight of my week and pretty much would be my dream job.”
NAHS is now in its third year. Burke brought the group to Kettle Run two years ago.
“I started NAHS to be more than an art club,” Burke said. In the past, the art club was inconsistent with who would show up and it was difficult to plan activities. With an honor society, students are more responsible to meet the requirements.”
Like all honor societies, students have service requirements that need to be met. Last year they raised $600 for the Fauquier Food Bank through the empty bowls project.
“This year, students want to be involved in the Memory Project where they draw the portrait of a child in Syria,” Burke said.
Students who are passionate about art, and who become part of the honor society, have many doors opened to them once they are accepted into the group.
“Students have opportunities to publish and show their artwork, gain leadership experience, and have the ability to apply for scholarships,” Burke said.
Senior Kylie Arthur is one of the honor society members.
“I enjoy being a part of a society that shares an interest in the arts,” Arthur said. “I get to participate in activities and events involving things that I enjoy doing.”
Roeber also enjoys her time with the group.
“I like to sketch and draw in pencil and ballpoint pen mainly,” Roeber said. “My style is definitely more of a cartoon-ish doodle than realistic, but I love it all the same.”
Artists who are interested in joining should talk to Mrs. Burke. Meetings are the first and third Monday’s of each month. To apply, students need to fill out an application and there is a $10 fee.
Once the holidays are over, members will begin working on Youth Art Month, which occurs in March. Members will help with the Art Walk on Main Street in Warrenton. Also, Kettle Run will host the Arts Festival in March- so members will have a lot to do to prepare.