New Track Coach


Coach Jarrette Marley

Ava Abbott, Editor

The new track season will kick off with a new head coach and coaching staff. The new head coach, Coach Marley had worked at Battlefield High School for eight years prior to coming to Kettle Run. He also coached at Langley High School for five years before he worked at Battlefield. Coach Marley did both track and football in high school as well as youth track. His events in track were the 100, 200, long jump, triple jump and relays. His main focus in track were the 100 and triple jump. He played football his freshman year of college but unfortunately tore his ACL, which took away his opportunity to compete to his best ability in both Track and Football. After college he decided to give back to the track and field community and start training the next generation of athletes. 

Coach Marley has high hopes for the track and field program at Kettle Run and aspires to bring some serious competition at the district level, and send many kids to regionals and states. These aspirations are for winter track, Coach Marley says that his goals for spring track will be very different. He would also like to see the program develop and get better. After 13 years of coaching, the most important thing he learned was to be personable, treating athletes as individuals and not tools for success. During his interview Coach Marley said “The better you treat the person the better they respond to your coaching.” He has high expectations for the track program this year and many to come.