Seniors: Where are they going?

Ava Abbott, Editor

Now that the year is coming to an end, our seniors are starting a whole new chapter in their lives. This is a huge step into the unknown of our world and it takes a lot of courage. Some of our seniors will be going to college, the military, or even trade school. Maybe they’ll travel the world for a bit. It’s all up to them on how they want to start their new life as adults. 

Annie Sutliff has earned a full ride to Washington and Lee University. Annie has been planning to apply to her dream school since she was 7. “I’m more than excited. I’m sort of still reeling from the fact that I found a school that worked so well for me and my future.” she says. She plans on majoring in Neuroscience and Anthropology and is ultimately pursuing a PhD and teaching or researching at a university. Elsie Stubbs decided that The University of Mary Washington is the perfect school for her and her future. She is majoring in English and plans on becoming a literary agent or costume designer. “I’m excited but also super nervous. It’s so different from everything else and I don’t know what I’m gonna do with self-regulating my education, but I’m really hopeful.”

On the other hand, a few seniors decided that military life was their calling. Noah Lenky, Andrew Wiles, Alex Zeamer, and Carla Saladaña are some of the few students that decided to join the Marines. Noah Lenky says that he is honored and excited to be part of “The few, the proud” Andrew Wiles is also excited because he is going to bootcamp at the same time as his good friend Noah Lenky. He is going into the Marines as part of the band and will play clarinet, he will also go to music school for 6 months as part of his training. Carla Saladaña says that she knows that bootcamp will change her life. She is training hard so she can “Show up and show down because bootcamp is my first step into my adult profession.” She is excited to be a part of a “tried and true system steeped in tradition.” Carla is training to become a part of the Military Police, she is looking forward to get into her instructor roles and “becoming excellent at her job and getting very fit while doing so.” The Army branch is going to get a Kettle Run cougar added to the ranks. Chris Simpson will be joining the Army and will train to work with Intelligence

Mixing things up, Sarah Chambers and Jake Samson are taking the culinary path. Sarah is going to train at a five star restaurant and Jake is going to The Culinary Institute of America. These two will become excellent chefs!

Though some of us will be saying goodbye to our good friends or siblings, we wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to seeing what they will make of themselves! We will be proud no matter where they go or what they do.