Putting Some Pep Into Our Step

How the lack of school spirit affects the school

The student body is pushing for more spirit weeks and pep rallies and administration is listening.

“I don’t think they are disruptive. Traditionally, we have one and it is linked to homecoming week. I don’t think it would be unrealistic to think that we could have another one, during the second semester, if it had a purpose and was tied to another event.” said Principal Meaghan Brill.

Brill does not see how a second pep rally could go wrong. The main event in the spring is Prom. The only question remaining is will there finally be a second pep rally or spirit week? Traditionally, there has only been one pep-rally and spirit week each year, which in the fall. Now, there’s word that there could be more. Senior Parker Webb attributes the lack of school spirit in the winter and spring to the absence of spirit weeks.

“I think that everyone only has school spirit in the beginning of the year because that’s the only time we have spirit week or pep rally,” said Webb. “When we don’t have spirit weeks then later in the year people feel like we don’t need to have school spirit.”

Other than the fall season, school spirit tends to be little to none. No spirit weeks, and no pep rallies. It seems as if there is only school spirit in the fall.

The main issue is the sports in different seasons. No one has any motivation to show up to any other events because of the lack of school spirit. It has the potential of bettering our sports.

“Pep rallies in the winter and spring would help student get more excited for the different sports other than football,” said senior Nathan Pullen. Pullen has had this idea through his high school career.

Guidance Counselor Trinnie Reed said, “I believe that pep rallies and spirit weeks have a positive impact on students, as they bring a sense of unity to the student body. During those times, there is friendly competition among the classes that truly brings everyone together to work as a team; pep rallies and spirit weeks include every student and give them the opportunity to show their pride. Additionally, I believe that these activities motivate our sports teams; they see the unity and support from the students, as well as faculty, and are able to perform at their best.”

Reed is extremely passionate about school spirit and pep-rallies and believes that spirit weeks brings more students unity.

Teachers and students around the school believe that spirit weeks distract from the classroom setting.

“I don’t think that one week of being loud and fun with your friends would impact the rest of your life like the teachers say it would,” said senior Devon Byler. Byler is a fanatic when it comes to spirit weeks.

“I have noticed a huge change in the environment during spirit weeks,” said History teacher Benjamin Bushong. “it is not necessarily a bad change but there was a huge change.” Bushong has loved the student’s emotion during spirit weeks.