Falling Into New Fashion Trends

Chilly weather means a change in students clothing

Carly Herbert, Editor-in-Chief

‘Tis the season for fall fashion to back a comeback. With summer finally in the rearview mirror and a chilly winter ahead, students begin to break out their favorite cool weather gear.

Along with the country staples, like Bean Boots and warm flannels, some new trends have already made their debuts in the hallways this season, despite the unusually warm weather.

Some of the most popular trends students are previewing so far this season include crewneck hoodies, mom jeans, the classic sweater (easy to spot in a variety of muted, fall colors, although bright, color block patterns are becoming more and more popular), and oversized…everything.

“Currently, I think that slide-on Vans are a big trend for everyone at Kettle Run, with other trends such as flannels with hoodies for guys and mom jeans for girls,” senior Emma Lulis said.

Junior Taylor Malloy added other trends she’s noticed frequently around the school.

“The biggest trend at Kettle Run is probably sweatshirts with a flannel over top because both girls and boys can wear it,” Malloy said. “But I think my bean boots are a big staple item, too.”

“The biggest trend is probably just Birkenstock sandals.” senior Joseph Kim explained. “They’re comfortable, they look good, and everyone and their grandma has a pair. Maybe it’s not really a trend because people wear them more for practicality now, but I doubt they’re going to die out anytime soon. Now that it’s gotten colder, I’ve seen girls wearing really cute turtleneck sweaters and I’m a fan; its practical and it just looks good. I wish wearing them was a normal thing for guys to do too.”

Other students wanted to contribute their favorite fall fashion staples as well.

“My favorite thing to wear when the temperature drops are jeans and big jackets,” senior Payton Fiel said.

Oversized jackets are sweaters are perfect pieces to work with when layering becomes a necessity during the cold fall and winter mornings before school.

Junior Emma Smith and senior Sydney Sherman both stressed the importance of having the perfect sweaters for cooler temperatures.

“Oh! And heeled boots!,” Smith added.

“If I’m not immediately defaulting to dressing like a bum, the formula is pretty much just a pullover sweater, cuffed jeans, white chucks, and maybe a windbreaker,” Kim said.

Each student has a style that reflects his or her own personality but why are these pieces trending so much? Students attribute their fashion sense to a variety of sources. While some pay tribute to their favorite celebrities and influencers through their outfits, others focus on comfort when picking out their ‘fits in the morning.

“Social media influencers are definitely making an impact on teen fashion everywhere,” Lulis said. “People like Indy Blue (@indysev) influence style all the time.”

Malloy agreed, saying that celebrities and YouTubers are large sources for teen fashion inspiration as well.

“I really like browsing through Instagram, specifically for fashion inspiration because it’s just a really great place for creative people to share what they think looks good,” Kim said. “If I see something I think will look good on me, I’ll put together something that looks similar, since it would be boring to do the exact same thing.”

While there are no shortage of fall #OOTD posts swirling around on Instagram and Twitter, many students turn to their friends and classmates for fashion advice.

“I think that the best style can be made by learning from multiple people, so I look to many people for fashion inspiration,” Lulis said. “My favorite person to look to is my sister but I’m constantly going to friends for more advice.”

“I look at trends on Instagram and clothing posts on VSCO,” Fiel said. “I often see clothing ideas on others at school and put my own twist on it, to make it my own.”

So whether you’re inspired by Instagram’s Explore page or maybe by the kid that sits next to you in Trig. , the latest fall trends are fully in swing for the beginning of second term.