With a New Year Comes New Goals

Kettle Run students set goals for the new year

Aidan Brindley, News Editor

     Whether the goal is to lose weight or simply to study more, countless resolutions are set every year. Although setting goals for yourself should not be limited to a specific time of year, the start of a new year can help spark inspiration for those who look to improve during the following year. New Year’s resolutions are often known for being given up on quickly. However, certain students at Kettle Run are planning to stick with their goals and make a positive change for themselves. 

     Resolutions are varied, but they all are made with the intention to improve upon what one had done the last year.

     Junior Pierce Helou states, “My New Year’s resolution is to conserve my money better.”

     Freshman Paige Lilek states, “My New Year’s resolution for this year is to have a more positive attitude. Senior Grace Morrow states, “My new year’s resolution is to live life more in the moment versus always planning for the future.”

     As resolutions vary, reasons for those resolutions vary. Some are made in the attempts to make ones life easier, while some are made in attempts to achieve a deeper personal goal.

     Helou explains, “I chose to make my resolution to conserve my money because I feel like I spend too much going out; I feel like if I were to save more, I would have more money for more important things down the line.” Morrow explains, “I want to do this because I feel like we waste away our youth when we are constantly planning on making our future better.”

     It is common to see resolutions given up on, whether that be due to lack of willpower or simply not wanting to change routine. There are, however, those at Kettle Run who have no intention of throwing in the white flag on their goal.

     Helou details, “Yes I do plan on following through with my goal, I feel like I would be taking the easy way out and letting myself down if I were to give up.” Lilek added, “I think that I will be able to follow through with my goal because I actually want to do it.

     Although Helou used this time of year to set a new goal for himself, he feels like others should not necessarily do the same. He said, “I believe that if you want to make a change in your life, you shouldn’t need a new year to start that change.

     The new year is starting, which means that so are resolutions. Kettle Run students look to take advantage of the year change and use it to meet their goals. Although many see New Year’s resolutions as short term goals that will not be met, certain students are planning to prove that they can indeed succeed in making improvements to their lives. Although the New Year is a popular time to set goals, it should not be the only time. There is no time too late or too early to set a goal or to start personal improvement.