Remembering a Tragedy 16 Years Later

    For the first time in 16 years, there are students in the building who were not alive when terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

   “With this year’s sophomore class being the last class born in that era, I do not think they fully understand the impact it had on this country,” said Attendance Officer Carol Begley. “Yet, I know that no one will ever forget the horrendous event of our modern day history.”  

    Although freshman may have little to no recollection of the event, their lives have been impacted as a direct result of that day, and for generations to come.  

    “It is very important for kids to understand that the attack has forever changed our world with privacy, civil rights and liberties, wars and all kinds of global issues,”  said History teacher Chad Wright. “It is important to connect those pieces of history so we can comprehend what is happening and why it is happening now.”   

    Government teacher Jacob Bennington believes it is important to let students know how these attacks have forever changed their lives.  

    “The events that occurred that tragic day, have impacted your lives in ways, you may never know.” said Bennington “There were a lot of events that occurred before caused it to happen and there are a lot of events that act as repercussions of those attacks.”

    As most of the student body was alive during the attacks but barely remembers it, the faculty believes it is important for all of the students to understand the importance of these events.  


ng my students in my Psychology and Government courses, I want them to know that no matter how young they were, they should never forget the event or it’s importance in history.” Bennington said.  

    Upperclassmen express how important it is for generations younger than the class of 2020 to realize that this is what life prior to the attacks was.  

    “Although the classes younger than us, were never really directly involved within the attack, and they may have family members that were affected but they definitely need to understand that those were people,” said senior Timothy Ryan.   “Just like you and me, going about their daily lives in the cities that were affected. We also need to make sure the memory lives on for the years to come.”

        “I think the attacks had made our nation more aware of the dangers outside of our borders, and all the possible threats that can occur,” senior Antonio Rose said. “It also made us increase our security immensely, in order to keep us all safe.”

    Faculty have strong feelings when it comes to speaking about life prior to the attacks, and letting students know what life was like before this historic tragedy.  

    “I feel that it is important to educate s

tudents a bit more on what life was like before 9/11, because there have been drastic changes to our society since the then.” said Guidance Counselor Kelsey Newman.  “I believe it is hard for them to understand and I wish they could have seen how much our country came together during that time and how unified we were in order to help.”  

    The faculty expresses how our country has changed due to the 9/11 attacks, and how life is now is different for them than it is for the generations now.   

    “I had never really questioned my direct safety before or after the attacks, but I did however, question the nation’s safety and for other countries of the world.” said French teacher Sarah Mauller.  “After witnessing those towers come down, I felt more of a calling to enlist and serve for my country, as did so many other Americans of the nation.”

    “It draws a line in the sand when it comes to history, we always look at it as before and after something has occurred, much how the people born during 9/11 view all of you only knowing a life post-9/11.” said Mauller.

    “I believe it is so critical that we keep speaking about it and recognizing it as a major event of our history, it was one of the first foreign attacks on U.S. soil, since Pearl Harbor.” said Physical Education teacher William Whisenant.  “We need to talk about how life post-9/11 is immensely different from how it was before.  We need to be very aware of what happens in the world around us and tell kids that sometimes people of the world do terrible things like this.”

    “Since it was one of the first foreign attacks on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor 50 plus years ago.” said Mauller.  “I may not have been alive when it had happened but my life [and anyone born after] has been affected by that day, just like how it has affected all of your lives.”

    For people born in post-9/11 America, extensive security checks in public transit areas such as airports and train stations are nothing out of the ordinary.

    Although some may argue that these procedures are enough to ensure traveler’s safety, other terrorist attacks in highly populated areas have occurred.

    “The heightened security measures since the attack on our country are extremely beneficial to all Americans.” said senior Erin Hogge.  “Now, people are more aware of their surroundings and are more willing to notify someone when they see something they think is odd.”   

    Some students share the same beliefs on how the U.S. has changed from the major impact it has had on our security.   

    “A lot of public places are pretty strict on their policies with liquids and other materials you can bring in.” sophomore Hunter Ryan said. Prior to 9/11, the security was somewhat lenient with some of the rules we see today in public transit areas.”

    “Growing up with having to go through multiple metal detectors and security checks like that in various public transit and other areas, it shows that we [as a nation] have become more cautious of the world around us.” said Alum and current faculty Ryan Wicka.  “My parents explained it to me as, we have all the increased security in order to keep us all safe, which is a great thing, so I never really minded nor questioned it if it was here to protect it.”

    As the tragedy of September 11, 2001 will never be forgotten and will be honored for years to come, it is crucial that people realize how much has changed for generations that are current students walking the halls and those that come after them.  People born after 9/11 will only know the maximized security checks of public transit and social places, they will not know of the leniency of the nation prior to those attacks.  The nation as a whole felt safe in life prior to, but now many things are questioned in everyday life.