Kettle Run Alumna Announces Run for Mayor

Rigby hopes to be Warrenton’s first mayor

Warrenton needs a new mayor, and a 2017 Kettle Run grad believes she is the right woman for the job.

Grace Rigby, currently a freshman at Lord Fairfax Community College, said her love for Warrenton inspired her to run for the position.

“I can’t imagine a better way to help grow and support Warrenton than to become the ambassador of the town and the voice of our residents,” Rigby said.

If elected, she will be the town’s first female mayor and the youngest mayor to ever preside over Warrenton. In order to run for mayor, a candidate must live in the town limits and be a registered voter. Although she has received a lot of positive feedback regarding her campaign, there are those who are sceptical due to her age.

“I believe most people who have negative opinions have the mindset that someone so young cannot possibly have the experience that town council member needs,” Rigby said. “However, I am experienced where it counts, which is having a passion for Warrenton and our heritage and listening to the town residents voice their concerns for the town and its future.”

If elected, Rigby would preside over town council meetings, but would only be able to vote on town matters in the event of a tie. She would earn $800 a month.

“I believe that the most important responsibility of the Mayor is to listen to what our townspeople are saying and to influence the council to consider and respect the people’s wishes while voting on what they believe will be best for the town,” Rigby said.

As much as she loves Warrenton, Rigby believes there is always room for improvement. “I would like to see more involvement form our community,” Rigby said. “When the town council has meetings about issues like the Walker Drive Project or the Broadview Avenue project, I want to know how the community feels, how the council can improve the project and what citizens would like to see out the project. I would also like to give youth more opportunity in government, though an internship program and a volunteer program that targets youth who are interested in government as a career path.”

Megan Campbell, Rigby’s high school economics teacher, was not surprised by her decision to run for office.

“She has always shown a keen interest in current events and public policy,” Campbell said, “so seeing her actively interact with politics at the local level is really exciting. She is going to teach us all a little something about civic engagement and is doing a lot to show millennials care about their community and want to see it do well.”

Rigby hopes her campaign will inspire more youth to get involved. “Many of you are 18, or will be soon,” Rigby said. “Register to vote; it’s your right as an American citizen! The best thing everyone can do for our community is to make yourself aware of current events and to get involved!”

Mayor Powell Duggan’s term will end on June 30, 2018. The election for his seat and the two at-large council seats will take place on Tuesday, May 1, 2018.