Lone Senior Leads Girls Basketball Team

Senior Rachel Schwind leads and mentors young basketball team

Aidan Brindley, News Editor

     The Kettle Run Girls basketball team hopes to find success with a team that consists of only one senior. The coaching staff felt as if the team would have its best chance to succeed with the roster that they have chosen. Senior Rachel Schwind is the lone senior, and she has embraced the role of a team leader. Schwind is looked up to by her teammates for her incredible work ethic and leadership skills. 

     Coaches appreciate having a player on the team that is useful for communicating and leading the players, as it takes some of the stress off of their shoulders.

     Coach Allen explains, “Rachel Schwind is a great leader,  She embraces her role both as a player and the captain.” Allen continues, “ Rachel has played for me the past previous 3 seasons, so she understands the expectations of being a senior. Having one senior means that we should have experienced players returning in the future, thus, our team should be stronger.”

     Coach Allen notices all aspects of what goes on with the team, meaning she is very much aware of the role that Schwind has taken on.

     Allen explains, “Yes, this is the case. The players respect Rachel. She is a natural leader and makes my job so much easier. I count on her to communicate to her teammates and to me about a variety of basketball topics.”

     Due to her role on the team, Schwind sees the game differently, causing her to have a sense of urgency as it is her last year with the team.

     Schwind details, “I think we’ve gotten so much better as basketball players, fundamentally speaking, so I told myself at the beginning of the season to go out and enjoy it; I only get one more chance and this has turned out to be the best season, so there’s no urgency.” Schwind adds, “I’m having fun.”

    Not only do the coaches appreciate having a natural leader on the team, but the players do as well. It is important to the team’s success that the captain is well respected by the players, and that is definitely the case with this Kettle Run team.

    Junior Maddy Edwards states, “Rachel is our only leader and I am so happy that she is. She has done a great job and I am going to miss her next year.”

     Schwind feels somewhat responsible for the teams success as she has the most experience with the scheme and coaching staff. She does her best to contribute positively to the team. Schwind stated, “I do feel like a leader of the team; I’ve been around the longest, so I feel like I have more experience in a lot of the little things that happen, and I try to use it to help out my younger teammates.

     Coach Allen and other players on the team appreciate having a player who not only plays at a high level, but also contributes to the atmosphere and helps to lead the team. Schwind is aware of the responsibility of being the team captain, and she embraces that role. Schwind is a major asset to the Kettle Run girls basketball team, and she is making the most of her last year on the team.