2021-2022 Staff

Sydney Beard

Sydney is a 16-year-old Junior here at Kettle Run High School. She is a J3 and is looking forward to writing articles for the school newspaper. Her favorite type of article to write is news articles.

Felix Barnaby

Felix is a J3 sophomore and this is his first year as editor in chief! He has a passion for journalism and plans on going into the field once he graduates high school. Felix mainly writes viewpoint and entertainment articles. He is also interested in...

Sidney Sandoval

Sidney Sandoval is a web manager for the Kettle Run Chronicle. She is a J2 this year and is excited to spend more time working on the newspaper and website. Sidney is also a member of the school’s academic team.

Juliana Best

Juliana Best is a Junior at Kettle Run High School. She is in Journalism II and is an editor for the Kettle Run Chronicle. Juliana enjoys writing lifestyle and news articles. Outside of school, she plays volleyball, works at Panera, and enjoys baking....

Ava Abbott

Ava Abbott is a 16-year-old junior at the Kettle Run Chronicle. She is in Journalism II and now an editor! Ava enjoys shopping for clothes and makeup, going to the gym, hanging out with her best friends, and watching horror movies and romantic comedies on...

Matthew Fuerlinger

Matthew Fuerlinger

Matthew Fuerlinger is one of the news anchors on Good Morning Kettle Run, which is his only claim to fame. He is currently in Journalism 2, where he writes the occasional article and records the Club News and Sports.

Mandy Holmes

Mandy Holmes

Mandy Holmes is a junior here at Kettle Run. She is in Journalism III and is a managing editor and the head of social media for the Chronicle. Mandy plays on the Kettle Run softball and basketball teams, along with travel softball. Outside of school, wo...

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