Movies To Look Forward To This Summer!

Felix Barnaby, Editor In Chief

School is almost out, and the summer of 2023 is dead on arrival. There’s many things to do on summer break, but a particularly fun activity is going to the movies with a group of friends or a date. Luckily for us, there are many titles coming out this summer, and there’s something for every movie lover, as the list is very diverse. 

  • Barbie – A particularly highly anticipated title, the official Barbie movie is releasing in theaters at the end of July! Going to see this movie could end your break off on a funny, fun, and nostalgic note. The film is starring actors Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Gret Gerwig, Will Ferrell, and many more. However, the film is rated PG-13, so taking your barbie-clutching kindergarteners isn’t recommended. 
  • Spiderman: Across The Spider-Verse – The first title, Spiderman Into The Spider-Verse, was an iconic and amazing feat of animation, with a great plot, lovable characters, and the perfect opening for the anticipated sequel. It’s been years since that film was released, and the new title of Across The Spider-Verse has a big shoe to fill. From the trailer, Miles Morales and the rest of those from the Spider-Verse are years older now, and the animation sticks with the iconic comic-booky style from the original. This sequel definitely seems like it will be worth the watch! It will come to theaters in June. 
  • The Little Mermaid – Disney’s latest live action remake, of the animated classic The Little Mermaid, hits theaters May 26th, right as school gets out! Disney live-action remakes have been consistently controversial, but this film in particular has faced the most backlash, due to casting choices. However, many are excited for this new, revamped version of a nostalgic and timeless classic, and it may be worth giving a chance. 
  • Coyote vs. Acme – This is a film Looney Toons fans will want to see. The classic duo of Roadrunner and Coyote make it to the big screen in Coyote vs. Acme! Acme is the company that provides Coyote with all the gadgets he attempts to use to take down Roadrunner. In this movie, however, Coyote has had enough of all his failures, and decides to sue Acme. However, the lawyer he hired used to work for Acme. Will Coyote win the case? See the movie in July to find out! 
  • Oppenheimer – Although it´s releasing on the same day as the previously mentioned Barbie movie, the plot couldn´t be more different. Oppenheimer is the story of genius physicist J Robert Oppenheimer (as the name suggests), and how his research and work led to the creation of the atomic bomb. Those who love war movies should absolutely give this film a watch. However, it will be Rated R, so take that into account. 
  • Elemental – Pixar presents their newest film coming to theaters in June, Elemental. Elemental follows a world of four main elements as living creatures. Air, land, fire, and water are the four different elements, and the main rule they must follow in their day to day lives is that elements don’t mix. However, a fire element girl meets a water element boy, and rules don’t exactly get followed. The designs for the two main characters are a bit stereotypical, but the animation looks great and the world looks fun and unique. If you´re a fan of Pixar and Disney films, it´ll be worth your time to go see!


Going to the movie theater over summer break is always a fun activity. With lots of options for movies to see, and something for everyone, this summer break will be a great opportunity to do so!