Mrs. Brill’s Confidence is Sky-High for the New Year

Kettle Run principal discusses her feelings going back into school

Daniel Stell, Managing Editor

A lot has changed in a year and a half; especially schools. Schools across the country had to change their policies regarding education due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our school had to transition a lot between a hybrid and virtual model. Many of the sophomores coming in this year might not have even come into school physically last school year. The struggles of trying to educate and learn through this pandemic have created many challenges in schools. 

But how is Mrs. Brill, our principal since 2017, feeling about this new school year, given the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic? Our managing editor, Dan Stell, sat down with Mrs. Brill this month to discuss her feelings about this year and how she’s dealing with new & old challenges. 




INTERVIEWER: Thank you so much for your time. So, the first question is just how confident are you feeling about this new year? 

MRS. BRILL: So, feeling confident because we have the last… eighteen months behind us, and all of last year and part of the previous school year, we dealt with issues related to COVID, students needing to be educated in different platforms like virtual, in-person, and a combination of both things. So, I think we are fairly confident. There are some uncertainties we cannot control or predict but overall I think we are feeling confident bringing students back, bringing staff in the building, making sure everybody is safe. Five days a week is the goal of bringing everyone back and making sure we are in-person five days a week. 

INTERVIEWER: Sounds good. So, my next question is are there any new challenges you are facing with going back to school in-person this year? 

MRS. BRILL: So, new challenges. I think I will obviously state that the beginning of the school year with the masks being optional and then the switch after three days to them becoming required but people being able to opt out has caused a bit of an issue for us but we are navigating through it. This week, with the mandate in place as of Sunday night, we are two days in and I have noticed that students are more responsive. They now understand they have to wear their masks. They understand that they were previously opted out but that does not meet the criteria now. I think, for the most part, they are complying and they understand that to be here, they need to wear masks. So, that’s been a challenge for us this year. Just the change. But otherwise, I think that teachers are doing great things in classrooms and with students, and being creative like they always are and are trying to provide experiences and opportunities in classrooms for students to learn and be in-person. 

INTERVIEWER: Great. So, my last question for today is do you have any advice for new teachers and students who are feeling anxious about this new school year? 

MRS. BRILL: So, for students, I would say that the biggest thing you can do is find a club, organization, and/or activity you would like to be involved with that is something that connects you to the building, our staff, and other students outside of the classroom. We have lots of organizations, activities, clubs, and sports of all kinds for people to get involved with which we think is a really important part of your high school experience. So, I would say for students, no matter where we are with things, make sure you put yourself out there and try new things and get involved in other circles of friends and peer groups and many other opportunities for that. And then for staff, which would also work for students collectively, just be patient with us. We are trying to figure it out. Our staff has done a great job going with the flow, being flexible, understanding things are changing everyday. So, I think they have been pretty great with that piece and they have just had to do that so they understand and they really have been great. So, I think just keeping that mindset of being flexible and understanding. We are all just rolling with them. We are in this with them. 

INTERVIEWER: Great! Thank you so much for your time. 

MRS. BRILL: No problem! 


There you have it! Mrs. Brill, despite many challenges beginning this year, is very excited and confident for this new chapter in Kettle Run. All of us here at the Chronicle are feeling the same way and hope this feeling of confidence can be instilled within all of the staff and students of this wonderful school. We are all in this together.