PSA about the BSA: Many backgrounds, one club

BSA students and club advisors.
BSA students and club advisors.

Imagine a group that raises awareness about important social issues and brings people from all backgrounds together. A group that is a shining example of inclusivity and diversity. The Black Student Alliance provides a way for all kinds of students in the school to connect with their heritage and local community. It gives a chance to other students to learn and appreciate the diverse races, different personalities, and ethnic backgrounds of themselves and their classmates. They contribute by promoting small businesses in our local community and even surrounding counties.

Just recently, KRHS  Black Student Alliance (BSA) hosted the Black Owned Business Fair, an ongoing event for 3 years that Mrs. Reed and Ms. Williams started. At this fair, black entrepreneurs can come to educate people about their businesses and share their journey to their current success. This year, businesses such as Wellness Kitchen of Warrenton, Double Tap Plumbing & Tummy Yum Yum all came to promote their businesses.  This is just an example of the many fundraisers the BSA participates in and hosts.

 While the Black Student Alliance does have fundraisers throughout the year, the BSA organizes and puts together slideshows showcasing Historical black figures such as Dorothy Vaughan. This February you may have heard a few new voices on our morning announcements, that featured some of our BSA students. Listen in to hear all the interesting fast facts about our country’s historical black men and women.  

 During interviews, we asked President Syriana Mkabob what would be one message she would want to tell others about BSA and she said, “We are all very welcoming. There’s no discrimination, it’s just a club for ANYONE to join. We aren’t all super strict with things or boring. We want participation but we can make it fun.” Overall, it can be said that BSA is very inclusive, diverse, and welcoming. If you are interested in joining BSA to make a difference it is simple just meet with Mrs. Reed and Ms. Williams and say you want to join.

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