Studio Toei Animation Hack

Studio Toei is a highly respected animation studio which is the creator of iconic anime, including One Piece. They are currently working on a multitude of anticipated projects. However, all of their productions were interrupted due to getting hacked. The hackers leaked information about much of the upcoming media, and this of course slowed down production fairly significantly. Although this caused a lot of frustration for fans, the hack is not an unfixable problem. 

This hacking was very inconvenient and harsh because an unrecognized group of hackers accessed part of Toei´s system and shut it down. Toei themselves had to suspend a whole part of their IT system. As you can see, this cut down their resources for finishing their current projects. Therefore, the studio put production of their shows and movies on hiatus. 

One Piece was a significant anime put on hiatus. The show is followed by many and has over one thousand episodes at this point. Chapter 1047 was to come next before the hacking, and is now scheduled to release April 24th. The new Dragon Ball movie´s production was also delayed, and rumors even spread of it possibly being leaked. The movie was not leaked, however, and production has resumed. 

Although this situation was unexpected and highly annoying, in the end everything will be resolved. The anime were delayed, not canceled. The hiatus taken for these shows only means the problem is being solved during this time. It is very surprising to see things like this happen to highly respected companies, but reassuring to know these issues can always be resolved with the hard work of the staff.