Pre-Prom Information and Tips

Juliana Best, Editor

Prom is one of the most popular and well-known events in high schools across America. Every year, students dress their best, take nice pictures, and have a good time with their dates and their friends. The prom at Kettle Run is no different. Follow along for pre-prom information and tips.

KRHS prom is April 22 this year, so mark your calendars. The dance itself will be held at the Inn at Vint Hill from 8:00 to 12:00, and the theme this year is Enchanted Garden. While the dance is always entertaining, it’s not the only fun thing to do. From finding an outfit to activities at After Prom, prom doesn’t end at the dance. For some people, going to dinner and taking pictures is more fun than the actual dance. Going to a nice restaurant with your group is a fun way to start the night. Restaurants like Denim & Pearls, Black Bear Bistro, Osaka, and Harry’s are a good choice. 

Like with restaurants, there are lots of different locations and options to take pictures. While taking pictures in a backyard is an easy location for pictures, there are plenty of places to go to get an amazing picture without going too far away. If you eat at Harry’s in Airlie, you can take your pictures there right next to the restaurant and still have an amazing view. Other picturesque locations include Rady Park, the Warrenton Greenway, and different cool spots in Old Town Warrenton.   

Miss Mangano’s fashion marketing class helped out with one of the most difficult parts of prom, finding a dress. They held a prom dress collection from late February to early March, and ended up collecting over 70 dresses. After the collection was over they then held a giveaway in late March for Kettle Run students who didn’t have prom dresses yet. 

The last and most anticipated prom activity is the After Prom. The After Prom, held from midnight to 4:00 a.m., will be located at Kettle Run. It will include many different games, food and drinks, and raffle prizes for students to win. Games and activities will include photo booths, casino games, and inflatables. Students are not required to attend the dance to be able to go to After Prom, and attendance is free. Visit for more information about this event.