Slippery Slopes Lead to Superior School Day

The seniors return from their annual class trip

Carly Herbert, News Editor

Unsatisfied by  the lack of snow this winter, seniors jumped at the chance to hit the slopes during the senior ski trip.

     Each year the seniors get the opportunity to go as a class to the local slopes to ski, snowboard, and have fun.

     Seniors who went on the trip this year had fun, despite the unusually warm weather.

     “The highlight of my trip was taking nice break in the lodge and going down the black diamond with Arwyn Heppard,” said Madison Fitzpatrick.  

     “The highlights for my trip were snow tubing with Ms. Campbell and my friends. I don’t think that there was anything I would’ve changed,” said Emila Brisbois.

     When asked if there was anything that they would change about the trip, the majority of participants were just wishing that it would have been slightly colder.

     Unfortunately, participation in the trip hasn’t always been as record-breaking as the lack of snow this year.

     Amira Hartley shared why she thinks that some didn’t attend.

     “I think that not many people attended because they didn’t want to pay the fee. It might have been a little expensive for some people.”

     “The ski trip is probably the most affordable option with the most choices.  Students want to go to amusement parks, beaches, etc.…but when graduation is May 26th and AP testing is the entire month of May there aren’t many months that are available,” said Embrey.

      “I think that not a lot of people attended because they wanted to skip a day of had too many absences,” added Brisbois.

      “We have never had to cancel the ski trip due to lack of participation.  The very first year we planned a senior trip (years ago) we did surveys, voted and selected a trip that the kids wanted.  When it came time to start collecting for the trip we didn’t have enough sign up. That was probably due to the cost – even though they knew the cost the whole time they were planning. The trip they had selected was going to cost close to $500.” said Debbie Embrey, who coordinated this year’s entire trip.

     In addition to this, Embrey shed some light on the planning that goes into a successful field trip.

      “It is always time consuming to plan a field trip.  Selecting a date, contacting the venue, contacting the bus companies, creating the packages/choices, coordinating chaperones, collecting money and field trip forms, following up on any incorrect forms, contacting the clinic to determine any medical issues, organizing the rosters and seating selections for buses, providing attendance with the proper roster, preparing the guidelines for students – I am sure there is more, but that I what comes to mind. For this trip: I have to contact the ski resort and get all the tickets purchased then before the students arrive I have to get all of the packages in order to hand out once the buses arrive.  I have to be available for any emergencies once we are at there.” said Embrey.

     Funding for trips is also detrimental. Mr. Warner explained how a field trip funding gets approved.

      “It is the teacher and/or sponsor who is responsible for putting the trip together and ascertaining the cost and the affordability.  We do have a transportation budget that we have that covers all trips to include athletics, so our goal is to be supportive of field trips with the understanding that we have to be fiscally responsible.”