A Phenomenal Teacher Retires After 38 Years of Inspiring Students

Mrs. Degoosh
Mrs. Degoosh
Karen Mensah

 After teaching her students physical education and driver’s education for 38 years as well as being a coach for 30 years, Mrs. DeGoosh has decided that her next step will be a transition into retirement shortly. 

Mrs. DeGoosh, the Heath and Driver’s Ed teacher is getting ready to retire after dedicating a whole 16 years of her life to teaching at Kettle Run High School. During her time at the school, she has not only fulfilled her passion for teaching but also her desire to create an enjoyable learning environment for her students and colleagues. Her commitment to teaching has allowed her students to have a great time and break out of their social shells, stepping confidently out of their comfort zones. 

Before her career at Kettle Run, Mrs. DeGoosh had aspired to become a PE teacher since she was a student in the fourth grade. Her aunt’s job at a different high school within a different school system, likewise, inspired her to pursue this career. “I used to go to school with her when they allowed such things, and I found it cool and enjoyable.” Mrs. Degoosh shared. “It has always been my desire to do so, which is why I have stayed for such a long time.” After working as a PE teacher at an elementary school she transitioned to teaching PE at Liberty High School before joining Kettle Run. 

Furthermore, Mrs. DeGoosh’s presence positively affects students’ behavior in the school’s gymnasium. Her motivation has encouraged them to step out of their comfort zones and participate in activities they may not have previously considered. Moreover, Mrs. Degoosh provides instruction in Driver’s Education and offers practical tips and tricks that students can utilize and find beneficial in their learning. She explains the material well, making it easy for everyone to understand,” a student shared. 

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Unfortunately, Mrs. Degoosh’s retirement plans were affected by COVID-19 as well as the gradual decline in student interest in general class participation. “I love doing this, and it makes me sad to see other kids are not interested in it,” said Mrs. DeGoosh. However, she intends to utilize this period to assist and spend quality time with her parents. Therefore, the exact details of her retirement remain uncertain, nevertheless, she remains open to whatever the next chapter brings her way. “As she heads into her retirement, I would say to enjoy it. I will honestly miss her because she is such a helpful asset to the driver’s ed staff here,” have both been remarked by her colleague, Coach Thorpe.

All in all, Mrs. DeGoosh certainly holds a special place in the hearts of each of her many students due to her explicit dedication to their individual growth as confident individuals, and her involvement in organizing enjoyable activities both in the gym and the classroom has gone a long way. 

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