Four Years of Fees Can Add Up

What are the true purposes of club and team dues?

Athletes and club members alike don’t just dedicate their time, but their money as well. More often than not, the cost of extracurriculars in public schools can take a serious toll on your back to school budget.

2017 graduate Grace Stone spent a lot of time working towards her extra curricular activities. Throughout high school, Stone ran for the cross country team, swam, played soccer, and was the NHS president in her senior year.

“For clubs I participated in NHS, Spanish honor society and NEHS. In the course of those clubs I approximately paid $150,” said Stone. “For clubs I think the prices are relatively reasonable.”

High school clubs often require members to pay a club fee which typically covers costs that are necessary for the club to function. National Honor Society is required to pay the organization an annual payment of $350. The club helps support that cost by making club fees $35, according to NHS sponsor Sharon Krasny.

“[NHS is] asked by different groups for service opportunities so when our leadership decides to reach out with a project that requires supplies, we try to take from the money earned [from club dues],” said Krasny. “Induction ceremony of the new members has a cost. Events like Trunk or Treat cost, getting supplies to help make ornaments for The Fauquier Free Clinic costs, little things show up throughout the year.”

Athletic director Paul Frye elaborates on the where sports fees come from and how the payments break down.

“The activity fee is set by the county,” said Frye. “The decision doesn’t stay at the school level. You typically only pay for what you keep, for example, swimmer keep their suits. We don’t want those back so swimmers pay for them.”

For athletes who can’t afford the seasonal athletic fee, there are solutions set in place.

“If a student is on the free and reduced lunch program they are immediately free from having to pay an athletic fee,” said Frye. “That is the only way that we can check a student’s financial status.”
Stone reflects on paying athletic fees, and what they added up to during her four years in high school.

“I think students should have to pay for sports because it is expensive to have those events, but $60 is too high,” said Stone. The sports programs need kids to pay a fee just because uniforms and paying coaches gets really expensive. I understand that factor but it can be it can add up quickly as you can see ended up paying over $700.”

In order to establish a well rounded college resume, students must put forth cash and time. Although club and sports fees have specific uses, should public school student have to pay so much to do what’s necessary for higher education?