How Early is too Early to Decorate?

Should we be stringing up lights even before Thanksgiving?

Christmas is just around the corner and some people started decorating for it before Thanksgiving even rolled around. Stores started decorating at the end of October.

The cold weather that has come quite early has definitely given avid Christmas-decoration fans the excuse to start the process early.

The everlasting debate of when people should decorate for Christmas still remains unsolved. Decorating for Christmas early is a tradition that many students and their families have been doing for a long time.

This also seems to irk many of the other students who do not find it appropriate to decorate early. Most were born into this tradition, and have kept up with the occasion.

Sophomore Madison Daniels gave some insight on how Thanksgiving should be celebrated too.

“Before Thanksgiving is too early to decorate for Christmas, because it isn’t quite winter yet,” said Daniels. “Everyone loves Christmas and everyone gets excited, but there is no need to try to rush it. After Thanksgiving [is best]. Maybe not the day after, but a week after it. It [Thanksgiving] gets its own month.”

It is obvious that most do not agree with having Christmas being decorated earlier than it should be. The more festive of the population thinks that it is supposed to be decorated as early as possible and will continue to follow the tradition of bringing out the Christmas decorations during the end of November.

The debate will always change depending on the generation, but it is usually based on how the students are raised. Going all-out for Christmas rather than for Thanksgiving is more of a cultural thing. It depends on the specific person. Many think that Thanksgiving is a wasted celebration and that it doesn’t really need its own holiday, but it still annoys quite a number of people when others start to decorate for the festivities pre-Turkey Day.

“Anytime that it’s not Christmas it isn’t appropriate to decorate for it, but it’s really if they were brought up to celebrate it earlier than December,” said junior Hannah Cornett.

There are many other reasons that lots of people do not like that people decorate earlier, those people tend to take a liking to celebrate the holidays at the appropriate times. Most will agree that Christmas is where you get gifts and Thanksgiving is just a holiday to give thanks.

“There isn’t any Thanksgiving songs so what’s the big deal,” said sophomore Zack Pursell. “I think that thanksgiving isn’t a holiday that people really like to celebrate.”

Christmas is praised more than Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t mean that people don’t have celebrate as much as the other holidays. Having said that, everyone loves to have some time away from school and have time to themselves, so the holidays are a good way to be by yourself.

Being grateful for all holidays and celebrating them surrounded with family, is something that we all can agree with and appreciate.