The Owl House´s Conclusive Specials Begin Airing



Felix Barnaby, Editor In Chief

Disney’s ¨The Owl House,¨ a cartoon controversial yet beloved by many, is coming to a conclusion with the airing of the first of its three 45-minute finale specials. The episode aired on October 15th, and was definitely worth the watch. Although it´s pacing was strange, what the team did with a time cut far too short was spectacular. 

One main conclusion I drew is that Dana Terrace and the rest of the team were trying to pack as much of their ideal season three as they could into this episode, and will be doing so with the rest. The episode was very fast paced, and there was a lot to take in. It was certainly well done, but there wasn’t any time for filler. There was a montage scene which represented the entire summer for the group. Blink and you´d miss a reference or plot point. The controversial couple of Luz and Amity were brought to their full potential in many lovey dovey scenes, and each character got plenty of time to be themselves, all things considered. 

By the end of the episode, the gang were already traveling back to the Demon Realm. Hunter had been possessed by the previously presumed dead Belos, and Belos had left his body and used the secret stash of the precious Titan Blood to once again open a portal between the realms. Hunter´s beloved palisman had died tragically in keeping him alive after the possession. A very well animated, presumably high budget fight scene had occurred. The others finally found out Luz had technically caused the Day of Unity, which had possibly killed so many in the demon realm. All of these events happened in less than ten minutes. 

The first finale episode of the owl house may have bizarre pacing, but was very enjoyable to watch. Much of what the fans wanted was provided, with many new plot points to enjoy as well. The animation was cute as usual, and the witchy imagery was perfect for October. The Owl House comes highly recommended, and it’s truly a shame that Disney´s backwards opinions caused its shortening.