Top 5 Pumpkin Desserts


Juliana Best, Editor

Now that fall is back again, all things pumpkin are becoming more and more in demand. Obviously, pumpkin pie is right up there with pumpkin spice lattes in popularity, so we don’t need to advertise those two anymore. If you’re looking for other delicious pumpkin treats to try, then look no further. Here are my top five favorite pumpkin desserts.

Chocolate chip pumpkin bread, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bars, pumpkin donuts, and pumpkin brownies are probably some of the best things to make during the Autumn season. Just look up a recipe for one of these treats or even take a look through a cookbook to find a recipe that works for you. It doesn’t have to be a difficult recipe either, just some simple steps and results that your friends and family will love. 

Every year when fall comes around my family starters asking about pumpkin desserts, and even giving me ideas for things to bake. I’ve been baking since I was in seventh grade, and recipes like these never get old. My personal favorite of these specific desserts is pumpkin bread. I’ve been using the same recipe for years, and it’s always amazing. The recipe I use is from a site called Preppy Kitchen, which is also my favorite baking site with a lot of trustworthy recipes. This bread can be made with or without chocolate chips. Whichever version you make will still taste great.

The pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe that I use is also from Preppy kitchen, and it’s one of my favorite cookies to make. Even though almost nothing can be better than classic chocolate chip cookies, this is pretty close. These are the best when they’re soft and warm from being fresh out of the oven. For such an easy recipe, the outcome is awesome. 

Pumpkin bars are another really easy autumn dessert to make. I use the pumpkin bar recipe from a site called Allrecipes, which includes a recipe for cream cheese frosting to go with the bars. If you prefer to make the bars without the frosting, it’s still going to be good, but I prefer these with the frosting. Of my five favorite pumpkin recipes, this one is probably the easiest to make. 

Pumpkin donuts and pumpkin brownies are more interesting to make than bars and cookies. These aren’t the usual item for home bakers to make in the fall, but they’re still great. These are great to impress friends and family, even if the recipe you use is easy and quick. I use the pumpkin donuts recipe from the Food Network website. These aren’t the usual fried donuts people are used to, because I bake them instead. For pumpkin brownies, I use a recipe from 

These recipes are some of my favorites, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones. There are tons of choices for pumpkin treats to make this season, and it’s entirely up to you. If you choose to make any of the ones I’ve chosen, know that you can find ways to change it to fit what you like and how you want them.

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