The Death of Queen Elizabeth

Felix Barnaby, editor in chief

Queen Elizabeth the second was found dead on September 8th. The death of this monarch shook people all over the world. Her luxurious funeral took place (insert date later) and the UK is still in its days of mourning, which is traditionally 12 days but was extended by request of King Charles until September 26th. With such a major event occurring, it is important to note any essential information revolving around it. 

At the time I write this article, England is in the process of grieving for their fallen monarch. This results in time off, closed shops during funeral procession, and the funeral of the queen being shown on many, many channels. Long term changes will be made after this grieving too, including but not limited to the fact that new money with King Charles´s face on it will begin to be distributed. 

However, the internet´s reaction has not been nearly the same as most of England’s citizens. Many mock the queen’s death and find it funny, because of the number of controversial and harmful things she’d done in her lifetime. Although it is disrespectful, it is somewhat undeniable that many of them have a point. With these large ceremonies, we are honoring someone so greatly who was definitely no saint of a person. 

Many people wonder what exactly the queen did to deserve such disrespectful mockery. The truth is, it is an undeniable fact that the late Queen Elizabeth treated minorities questionably under her power. She was seen being friendly with Nazis during world war II, and has repeatedly made some questionable comments about POC and the LGBT community. Though some may think this can be overlooked, it is still frustrating to see someone in power get away with such biases

To conclude, the death of the queen was a historical event mourned by many. Though she lived a long, full life, the death of a monarch is still a huge, tragic event in England. Although not everyone will take it the same way, recognizing the significance of this event is still important. Like it or not, it will cause huge changes. 



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