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The student news site of Kettle Run High School

The student news site of Kettle Run High School

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The student news site of Kettle Run High School

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War 7/10!

Rutger Scott, Entertainment Editor May 23, 2018

The most anticipated Marvel adventure is a triumph of a tale, interweaving the storyline of Thanos expertly in a well-crafted and unique affair never before attempted in a film which, despite its storytelling...

Class of 2018 Breaks Record Board

Seth Tenberg, Staff Reporter May 23, 2018

This year has been one for the record book as seniors continue to break records and etch their names into Kettle Run history. Through grit and grind, struggle and success, these athletes have accomplished...

Saying Goodbye To High School Sports

Emma Gray, Lifestyle Editor May 23, 2018

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close, senior class athletes share their goodbyes to the athletic department. Some seniors have been a part of the department since their entrance to high school,...

Wrapping Up The Spring Season

Jackson Rogers, Staff Reporter May 23, 2018

As the year winds down, so do spring sports. With athletes pushing themselves to perform at their best, and coaches helping them do so, the Cougar athletic records reflect the hard work of athletes. Throughout...

Is There Something In the Water?

Nathan Pullen, News Editor May 23, 2018

2018: a class of athletes, scholars, and beauties. With Kettle Run’s only three state titles won within the 2018s time at the school, the athletes have upped the standard for Cougar athletics. This year’s...

Summer Send-Off with Senior Pieces

Hannah Pellieter, Staff Reporter May 23, 2018

How would you like to have your last shining moment before you graduate? Something you are in complete control of? Well, for seniors in the music department, this is a reality. In Kettle Run’s music...

School Ends, Concert Season Starts

Lillie Grimsely, Staff Reporter May 23, 2018

The summer concert season is in full swing for students. Summer concerts close to home can be the most anticipated part of students’ summer. “Going to the concerts is so much fun becauses I always...

Sharing Wisdom for College Applications

Faith Schaefer, Staff Reporter May 23, 2018

Essays, applications, and recommendations are staple stresses of senior year. Looking back on their final year, seniors remember all the steps they took to push them forward into their future. The graduating...

A Bittersweet Story of Graduating Siblings

Harper Crater, Co-Managing Editor May 23, 2018

“What to do when your child goes to college” and “How to adjust to being an empty nester” are common headlines for helping parents cope with their children leaving home -- but where are the articles...

Class of 2018 Wills Away its Belongings

May 23, 2018

I, Taylor Williams, will the Head student trainer for football to Anna Wood: I leave you the responsibility of Coach P’s game day gum. You have such a kind soul and passionate heart, I don’t have a...

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