Super Mario Bros 2023 Movie Review


Ava Abbott, Editor

The Super Mario movie came out April 5th 2023 and the Nintendo and Super Mario fans have gone wild! The movie was based on the 1985 wildly popular game, Super Mario Bros. It isn’t a complicated game, the plot was to rescue the princess from the villain by completing several parkour like levels with power ups and funny looking enemies. The movie, on the long Easter weekend, made $204.6 million dollars domestically and $377 million dollars globally. Completely crushing it’s competition as the highest grossing movie in North America. This movie is doing way better than its predecessor, a live action attempt that failed horribly.

 Directed by Aaron Horvath and Micheal Jelenic this movie has blown Nintendo fans out of the water. Many of their beloved characters show up in this film such as Donkey Kong, Toad, Shy guy, Yoshi and many more! This movie follows the plot of the games but there is a change that many critics argued against. Mario and Luigi are transported from the real world where they live in Brooklyn as plumbers just starting their plumbing business, to the Super Mario World that we know and love. Another change from the original game is instead of Princess Peach getting kidnapped, it is Luigi (Voiced by Charlie Day) who is the damsel in distress. Mario (Voiced by Chris Pratt) and Princess Peach (Voiced by Anya Taylor-Joy)  team up with the Kong (Donkey Kong voiced by Seth Rogan) family to try and save his brother from the evil overlord Bowser (Voiced by the iconic Jack Black) and save Princess Peach’s kingdom. Which Bowser intends to destroy if the princess refuses to marry him, of course. I thought this movie was a really fun and the similarity of the video game gave a nostalgic feeling to those who grew up with these iconic characters and this amazing game. The Super Mario Bros Movie has excelled all expectations of its fans and its critics and definitely a family friendly film that everyone can enjoy.