Class of 2018 Wills Away its Belongings

Seniors leave their sentiments and possessions behind.

I, Taylor Williams, will the Head student trainer for football to Anna Wood: I leave you the responsibility of Coach P’s game day gum. You have such a kind soul and passionate heart, I don’t have a worry in the world about you taking care of those boys. Enjoy it; it flies by! Wrestling training to Lauren Stumpf and Annaliese Georgi: I leave you the wonderful duties of nose plugging and skin checking. The guys might be stinky, but they will make your season great if you let them. Varsity baseball training to Lauren Stumpf: I leave you the game day snack, Thorpe’s water, and sweeping duties. You’re one of only a few that can handle the specialness that baseball has to offer, so enjoy every second of it! Coach Thorpe and Swick: I leave you the responsibility to take a student like me under your wing. Having mentors as amazing as the two of you has truly changed my high school experience. The impact you had will be lifelong and I could never put a price on that.

I, Camryn-Rachele Bosko, will Hannah Pelletier: all of my spirit wear that I have accumulated over the years; Olivia Montalvo: I leave my parking space for your last week of junior year; Garret Heiston: I leave you my creativity and determination to get you through your last two years of high school; Ella Strickland: I give you all of the theatre information that has been passed down through the theatre generations.

I, Sofie Haugsdahl, will Mary Kate Behan: my two favorite practice discs to, hard work and never stop trying. You will do big things Mary Kate, and go for my records I know you can do it; Claire Walker: for varsity football, I leave you the linemen, make sure they always have cold water and snacks for when they are hungry, those boys will be your best friends and your brothers, cherish every moment because before you know it, it will all be over; Corporal Tindle: I leave you an empty parking lot till at least 6:45 in the morning, enjoy the peace and quiet.

I, Eliana Castro, will, Meghan Meador: my position as Editor-in-Chief for The Prowl and prayers that you continue a great legacy; Gary Wilson: the ability to take great photos and the strength to get through the next few years; Gwyn Newcomb: my legacy because you’re great.

I, Caitlin Roy, will Connor Roy: Grandma’s old Kia to learn to drive in, because I don’t want you to crash my car while I’m gone; Julia Rocca: my chair and the ability to rely on your stand partner to count rests; Johnathan Moore: the perseverance to get you through the next three years; the girl’s tennis team: the best of luck next season and every season that follows; Faith Schaefer: the tennis jacket I got my freshman year from a senior, so you can pass it on one day too; Mrs. Chovnick: my gratitude for introducing me to a bigger world.

I, Brenna Hanlon, will Robbie Platt and Carter Armand: my section, I trust you guys so much and I’m excited to see you two thrive in your new leadership position; MaryKate Behan: Jakob von Superstein III III, everyone else may not know what it means, but you certainly will; Aiden McGraw: the motivation I had at the beginning of the this year, combined with your natural drive and strength, you’re sure to knock out your senior year; Sydney May: I leave the confidence and pride everyone has in you. You’re an amazing girl, you’re going to take the world by storm.

I, Sara Massei, will Reece Massei: the power to wake up with an alarm rather than me every morning, the right to play your own music in the car, the duty of giving Emmitt lots of car rides, and the privilege of FaceTiming me on the off chance that you miss me; Harper Crater: my position as Student Body President, I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do; Madison Slevin: the strength to power through Senior year, the mental capacity to lead multiple clubs, and the knowledge that all of us graduates love you so much and are just a call away; Jessie Stevens: so much of my heart and the right to cross the street and raid my closet whenever you feel like it; Mrs. Fermoselle and Mrs. Chovnick: a much quieter language department, lots of love, and the promise to keep you updated on all of mis aventuras; Bo Pittman: my gratitude for dealing with my constant nagging, my love for you (and teddy), and my faith that next year’s SCA will be even better than this year’s; Mr. Wright: my gratitude for you, MUN, and the skills I’ve gained from it; Mr. Malloy & Coach Frye: days when you don’t hear me say “Hey do you think I could,” every other second, and hope that someone else will nag you in my place; Mrs. Brill: my immense gratitude Seniors leave their sentiments and possessions behind for you always being willing to try new things and responding to my more than frequent emails, for the opportunities you’ve given me as Student Body President, my appreciation for you always listening to my gossip and rambling, and my hope that all of your years to come as Principal will be as good as this one was.

I, James Takacs, will Jack and Peter Tessier: all the supporting roles in all upcoming theatre productions; Aubrey Simpson: all my patriotic paraphernalia and the knowledge that the Chicago Cubs are the best baseball team today: Noah Shenk: all my cool shades and sunglasses. You look good in them buddy and don’t let anyone tell you different; Ella Strickland: the void she must fill that Alex LaFleur, Rutger Scott, Caleb Todd and I will leave when we leave. Good Luck! You’ll need it; Hannah Pelletier: 10 bucks. Don’t spend it all in one place; Mr. Kurt Mergen: the reassurance that there are no more Takacs boys coming to Kettle Run. So no more, will you have to remember the first names of any Takacs until one of us have kids.

I, Nathan Pullen, will Nick Lehman the Kettle Run Hockey Twitter; Jon Spitz: The pre-game speech before every hockey game; Joey Shull: My unimportant position in the newspaper staff; Elliott Cosner: my sub-par study habits, because you’ll be returning next year.

I, Megan Cameron, will Heather Cameron: the clothes and jewelry that I don’t take to college, my dog to love and care for, and the strength to get through high school; Amanda Frankhouser: my Camelbak to get through the marching season and the memories we’ve made since kindergarten; Sydney May and Ben Byus: my position as section leader and the knowledge that you will lead the section to greater things; the clarinet section: my love and the warning to be good for Sydney and Ben; Grace Schumacher; my “fire” playlist and the swim trunks you found at Abbey’s party; Mrs. Deavers: a quiet office that I won’t invade to gossip and rant or play “My Heart Will Go On” on the recorder. Thank you to everyone who made these last four years special to me.

I, Rutger Scott, will, Garret Heiston: the responsibilities of both the weatherman and the morning announcements. I want you to keep the KR theatre program alive and well, and for him to be my ultimate theatrical replacement; Jack Tessier: lack of competition for the fellow theatremen dancers. Keep the power of morning announcements segments alive, and own the criticism you may receive the pride; Peter Nosal: my life energy and my love for your mother; Ridge Scott: my BMW. Please, please, please take care of it. I will come back from New York to hurt you if you do not care for my baby.

I, Erin Hogge, will, Carly Herbert: my position as Editor-inChief of The Chronicle and the great level of patience necessary to stay sane in times of J1s’ incessant questioning; Harper Crater: the last ounce of motivation I have left as I enter my final days of high school and the ability to push through the dreaded “senioritis”; Mrs. Norden: a classroom filled with shouts of “It’s Friday!” when the news is played at the end of each week; Dr. Jeck and Mr. Warner: inboxes free of emails from me asking questions for articles.

I, Gracie Crater, will, will my beautiful sister, Harper Crater: a delightful, stress-free last year of high school, with loud car rides jamming to some Billy Joel or zac Williams. I’m going to miss our spontaneous snack runs when we’re both in need of a sugar-high, and listening to you flawlessly rap “Fergalicious” word-for-word in the passenger seat. Senior year will fly by so so fast! Remember to take lots of pictures and enjoy every precious minute. Don’t forget to count your blessings! You are going to be an amazing leader for Kettle Run next year! Snarps, you light up my world and will change this world with your selfless heart. P.S. – I’ll miss you always helping me pick out my outfits!

I, Isaiah Metzdorf, will the Kettle Run junior class my strength to get through their last year of high school without collapsing in an exhausted heap; Garrett Heiston: my sneaker collection, please sauce on all of these peasants; Conner Roy: my record collection, keep them safe; Mr. Bennington: my restful sleep hours that I achieved in his classroom, may he forgive me for the glorious naps I had ; Mr. Golimowski: my etherial blessing, may he slay freshman in Geatland; Mrs. Norden: my journalistic integrity, that is if I have any; I would like to thank Kettle Run High School for being a venue for me to mature as a person and grow to who I am today.