Traffic in the Kettle Run Area

Alyssa Wood, Staff Writer

Almost everyone at KRHS High School (KRHS) has something negative to say about the traffic in the general area of the school. The parents, students, and staff all complain about the traffic. Not only is it dangerous but it takes at least 20 minutes or more to get out of the school. The line is backed up in the morning all the way to Dumfries road. This traffic is a big complaint for everyone in the area. If you arrive in line at school before the bell, you will most likely still be late because you have to wait in line.

KRHS is located near Greenville Elementary School and the parents sometimes take their kids to Greenville early when the KRHS students are rushing to get into the school. A KRHS student recently said, “It takes at least 20 minutes to get into the school, I could get to school super early and still end up being late.” Students have suggested solving this issue by making another route to the schools by adding another lane.

Raising the issue in the county may be a way to solve this problem. This topic would be a discussion topic for students and workers at KRHS because everyone has a strong opinion about it. They should try to make another lane so that people can get through, or make it so that the student section is at the first turn, not the teachers. Or even make the parents come out to go a different route so that the students that need to get to school can get there on time.

Students have also said that they should not give you detention after only 10 tardies. Since students could get to class one minute late and will still have to go get a pass. Most of the time it’s not the students or the parents fault for being late, it’s just the terrible route made to get to school. Also, the student drivers are always eager to get out of the school as soon as they can, they end up flooding the whole street while others are trying to leave as well.