Editorial: When Should We Start Listening to Christmas Music?

William Stanziano, Editor-in-Chief

I know some people start listening to Christmas music once December begins, some only listen to it in the couple weeks before Christmas day, and of course, those who listen to it all year round. Personally, I start listening to Christmas music after Thanksgiving, which appears to be the most common stance on the matter.

When I listen to Christmas music, not during the Christmas season (after Thanksgiving till Christmas) I feel somewhat melancholy.
Also, I think that listening to Christmas music year-round cheapens the feeling that it brings me. A lot of the magic surrounding Christmas music is that we only listen to it for about 1/12 of the year, so when we are listening to it, it’s very special.

I think our love for Christmas music is compounded every year. We have great memories with our families, to the score of Christmas music, so when we listen to it the next year we are reminded of previous memories, which adds to the memories we’re having, and so on and so forth.
Overall, listen to Christmas music whenever you feel like it