Avatar: The Way of Water

Ava Abbott, Editor

The new movie, Avatar: The Way of Water, is a sequel to the successful 2009 movie, Avatar. This movie took three years to complete because James Cameron, the director, decided to film the third movie as well. After the first movie became a hit, Cameron was set on making sequels, and started drafting up the next four movies just after the creation of first one. Avatar: the Way of Water once again focuses on the life of Jake Sully, a former Marine who was discharged because of an accident that rendered him paralyzed from the waist down. In the sequel, Jake is now a father of four and living among the Na’vi, the native people of Pandora. He lives happily with his four kids, Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuktirey, and Kiri, as well as his partner Neytiri. I thought that the character development of Jake and Neytiri after the original battle with the humans in the first movie was well executed. Their new experiences as parents were very believable and consistent to their respective characters’ personalities. The physical changes of these two influential characters were also very detailed and well done. 

In this sequel Jake and his family are on the run from the humans after they invade Pandora once more. Jake and his tribe have been conducting raids on the human’s supply trains, leading them to send a team of avatars after the Sullys. Leading the team is Colonel Quaritch, whose consciousness was transferred to an avatar’s body after he was killed by Neytiri and Jake in the previous movie. The Sully family flees the forest and seeks asylum with the reef people called The Metkayina. The leader, Tonowari, accepts them into the tribe only if they learn their ways. During this time, the Sully family try to adapt to their new life. Unfortunately Lo’ak has been targeted by the local boys and ostracized by the clan. He meets an outcast Tulkun called Payakan, and they form a close bond. Kiri, the biological child of Grace Augustine from the first movie, has discovered her bond with Eywa and with the environment around her. Jake and Neytiri are content raising their children in a safe area, until Jake’s old enemy Colonel Quaritch and the other human forces find out their hiding place. 

The CGI of this movie was incredible and the attention to detail was mind blowing. I thought that the acting was really good and the casting was amazing. One thing I didn’t like about the movie was the reintroduction of the last movie’s villain. I felt like it was just a repeat of the last movie. Other than that I really loved this movie, it felt magical and like I was a kid again!