There is No Turning Back Now

Real life haunted houses are perfect for Halloween season

The Old Fauquier Jail
The old jail served as Fauquier’s detention center for 150 years. During 1962, an average of 18 prisoners were incarcerated per day. The last prisoner was incarcerated almost 43 years ago.

In 1925, an old man known as “Mr. G.” was arrested for attempting to burn down his farm and himself due to the paranoia that his “distant relatives” were going to take it from him. He was charged with arson and held for confinement and observation. He was deemed insane, and was going to be relocated to another prison but died before he could be transferred.

A woman was later assigned to the cell which Mr. G. had occupied and the judge asked her if she had received any visitors. She replied, “A little old man was a long white beard,” had visited her. Upon further inquiry, the description perfectly fit that of Mr. G. Workers in the jail have also reported strange, echoing footsteps, and human-like shadows and appearances.


The Grey Horse Inn
The Grey Horse Inn is no longer in operation. The owners of this historic site sold the property to private owners in 2011. Reports say that the ghostly scene of a confederate soldier is played over and over on the property


The Post Office
The Warrenton post office is where a young woman, who worked at Shelf Life in Old Town, Warrenton, saw a man wearing a uniform sitting on the stairs. The woman walked across the street to see and noticed the man was wearing a World War II uniform. As she got closer, he ran away.


Fauquier County Public Library
The library was an old mechanic shop until it was made into a public library. Some people have told the librarians about some of the strange noises they hear. These noises include clacking and clicking of wrenches and screws.


Presbyterian Church
It was once used as a hospital for wounded soldiers and horse stalls.The church use to have a huge black hole in the middle of the floor. When wounded soldiers would die, their bodies would be thrown into the hole. Today, the church is reported to be haunted. The Presbyterian Church is located in Old Town Warrenton.