Meet Your Guidance Counselors

An introduction to those work to give back and help students

Guidance counselors. Many know of them and what they do for our schedules, but there is much more to understand.

Sue Harmon is in charge of the guidance department and works diligently to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“I do certain projects and other activities with other students, more than I do the average counseling.” said Harmon. “I do love having students come and talk to me, even if I am not their designated counselor.”

Harmon revisits her reason for becoming a high school counselor.

“I wanted to be able to affect my students lives in a way that was a help to them, but as a business teacher, it wasn’t enough. A fellow colleague told me, that I should become a school counselor,” said Harmon. “I really love seeing the students grow and succeed and become young adults. When I get messages and letters from previous students just thanking me.” said Harmon.

Counselor, Caitlin Gordon is apart of the core counseling team.

“I enjoyed being in the school setting and helping others, and I really saw myself working with high school aged students,” said Gordon. “So becoming a school counselor was the best way to accomplish these things.”

Gordon discusses the reason for having reliable school counselors.

“I enjoy being a school counselor because my job is different every day. I also enjoy helping others by nature, and when I was in high school I did not have a reliable resource to go to for help.” said Gordon.

The third member of the counseling office is Jennifer Abate.

“I enjoy working in an educational setting and helping students work through their problems.” said Abate. “My favorite part about being a school counselor is watching my students reach their highest potential.”

The fourth member of the counseling staff is Kelsey Eberly.

She shares her reasoning for her decision to become a school counselor, as her lasting profession.

“Growing up I experienced a lot of anxiety in high school and I never really felt like I had someone to talk to.” said Eberly.

She shares the many reasons of why she loves this job.

“Even though I may not have been here long, I really enjoy seeing the students that I’ve just come to know come and talk to me.” said Eberly. “I cannot wait to keep building relationships I have with these students now. I just love seeing the differences I can make in students.”

The final addition the department is long-time counselor Trinnie Reed.

“I’ve been a counselor for a while, doing other types of counseling before deciding I wanted to be a school counselor.” said Reed.

Much like the other counselors, Mrs. Reed loves to help the students that walk the halls.

“My favorite part about my job is seeing the students who have no issue with coming in and talking about anything with me.” said Reed. “This is why I see this as my forever job.”

The guidance counselors here work as many different roles. They provide scheduling help, in depth college planning, and work to make sure that every students feels as though they have a place to go to during stressful times.